Weekly Update, only from Gina and her Models!
Set 634 on 25 th Dezember 2017 Set 633 on 18 th Dezember 2017 Set 632 on 11 th Dezember 2017 Set 631 on 04 th Dezember 2017
A New Lady Arrives

I received a fine Christmas present when Maryfary arrived for photos. Here is a lady who stands 5'6" with long legs and a fine body. I knew this shoot would work. She arrived wearing a white two piece outfit with clear platform heels and lots of pearls - impressive. She went through a series of poses, showing off her legs, before gracefully removing both pieces of her outfit. Under it, she startled me with a luxurious white bustier. The lady makes a fine appearance in lingerie. She did quite a bit of teasing before finally lowering the top of the bustier. Mary displayed truly beautiful breasts when they came into sight - perfectly shaped, light aureola and perky nipples, very desirable. Mary was very comfortable in that chair as she continued to show off her breasts and long, shapely legs. What can we expect of her the next time? I don't know but it will be spectacular.
Black and Pearls

My new friend, Luisa Diamond, makes her first appearance on my staircase. Dressed in a black dress with black nylons and heels, she presents a fine picture, including her pearl necklace and bracelet. You'll notice that she is quite proud of her well rounded derriere which she shows off well. After a series of fines poses, Luisa sheds the dress and shows her luscious body in that black and red bustier - note the curves of the hip line and thighs, very attractive. Soon the panties are removed and she concentrates on ridding herself of her bra. Under it are two very delightful, well rounded breasts with very enticing nipples. I hope you have enjoyed Luisa as much as I did. I'm sure she will return for your viewing pleasure.
The Office Visit with Ines

Any visit from Ines is always humorous, pleasurable and very sexy. The lady loves the camera. She was so sparkling in her red mini suit, white ruffled blouse black nylons and her heels. I knew I'd only be seeing this outfit for a short time. She had been sitting with her feet on the desk and I knew when she moved them that we were ready. Her posing is truly exciting. The red clothing came off rather quickly and soon I was staring at her fabulous breasts. Ines has a beautiful body and she loves to show it off. Notice all the smiling glances at the camera. Finally the skirt came off and she stood magnificently in just her garter belt and nylons. Now wouldn't you enjoy such a visitor to your office?
Anna in the Garden

I always love it when Anna comes to visit and do photos. I never know what to expect from her but it is always hot finding out. So what does purple tell you? I'd say it tells you are in for a sexy treat. Actually she looks a bit conservative but that will change! Under the top is a red bustier nicely holding up her nylons. She does a lot of posing  before dropping that bustier top. You must admit the lady has glorious breasts, so round and firm. But soon after the top comes down, those parties also go away. Now can you tell how proud she is of the fine looking pussy? She makes every effort to show us many positions. Now, I ask you, wouldn't you like to have Anna in your garden - Hmmmmm?
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Set 630 on 27th November 2017 Set 629 on 20th November 2017 Set 628 on 13th November 2017 Set 627 on 06th November 2017
My Unusual Friend, Em Jay

Well, my unusual lady friend, Em Jay, has returned to turn out another photo set. I refer to her as unusual because I love her corn rows plus her multitude of interesting tattoos. Not only that but, after she finishes her posing and begins to shed her outfit, you'll notice she is quite good looking, well built and pleasing to the eyes. Note the slim waist, fine hips and honey legs, what more could one desire? But look also at the profile shots - is she not quite well endowed? Those breasts are very well shaped and those nipples are delightful. And finally, after ridding herself of those panties, Em Jay poses in my favorite outfit-her garter belt, nylons and heels - it doesn't get much better than that, as I'm sure you'll agree.
Art of Jay Has Returned

Since the weather is getting colder, we decided to work in my winter garden. That's a good thing since she would be quite cold in her black outfit. And that is apparent since you will immediately notice her bare breasts resting in a shelf bra - a forethought of things to come. The lady is nicely dressed in that very shear pull-over top, skirt, nylons and heels, all in black. You will also note the black pearl accessories. Slowly she removes that top followed shortly by the black skirt. This leaves Art of Jay in her beautiful black lingerie. You may have noticed a tie strap or two. Voila, the lady begins to untie her panties. Her lace trimmed corset is certainly an interesting piece also. Hopefully she will excite us with a return visit in the near future.
Artistic Display in BlueIt

has been said that sometimes the frame makes the portrait. . . but not in this case. This blue haired portrait needs no other support. Megan Blue is wearing a totally shear black outfit as you will notice. We know whats underneath long before the dress is removed V but soon it is gone. That long sleeved top, shear pantie garter belt, black nylons and designer heels make the portrait V but Megan goes on. Did your eyes open wider as she removed that top? Are those breasts not spectacular? They are gorgeous. But she still has a bit to go. She finally lowers her garter belt and presents us with a glowing portrait V a fine looking woman with great breasts, a fine hip line and great legs. Can there be anything better???
Vanny Love - Conservative to Red Hot 

So Vanny Love is a slender young lady but she strikes a chord. Her orange outfit is quite conservative as are her initial poses. But as she stretches provocatively on her couch, things change. She rearranges her hair, she shows off her legs in the dark nylons and fuzzy pumps and she also gives us glimpses of her lingerie. Plus don't you enjoy the pearls? Eventually, after very fine posing, she rids herself of the dress and now, all black lingerie. And how the pearls stand out now! Back on the couch, the black bra is next to go, leaving a pair of petite breasts with large areolas and delightful  nipples  - such a fine appearance. Very quickly, Vanny sheds the panties . . . and now she stands in garter belt, nylons and heels. What a beautiful difference from the conservative lady earlier - I'm sure you'll agree she is a lot more now!
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Set 626 on 29th October 2017 Set 625 on 22th October 2017 Set 624 on 15th October 2017 Set 623 on 09th October 2017
Dynamite - In a Small Package

I am always excited when doing photos for Kami. She is truly a dynamite young lady. That shear mini dress and black nylons only light the fuse. We can already realize what wonders are under the dress. One very quick glance sets the stage. But soon, Kami lowers that top and exposes her magnificent bountiful breasts - staggering describes them well. Just examine her profile!  She poses for a while in her girdle and panties, allow us to get the full impact. Notice how she shows her side views, clever lady. Very quickly, the girdle disappears and she slowly removes the panties. The side poses are no longer necessary. Kami now presents herself fully. Now the impact is complete. Not only is her face beautiful, but you must admit she is fully a gorgeous woman.

Sweet Nina Has Returned

Well after a long absence, Nina has returned and she is looking stunning. That black mini dress, black nylons and jeweled black heels are truly impressive V but she is like that. And of course, you can not miss all the jewelry. But she has darkened her hair a bit V but still gorgeous. As usual, her posing and facial expressions are fantastic. If you think she looked good in the dress, how about the way she looks without it. The black bra, panties and six strap girdle also look bewitching. Can you remember those outstanding breasts with the sweet, large nipples? Can you also remember her in just the girdle? Well all those good things are back V She is here for you to enjoy and I am so sure you will.

Annalie Hangs Out at My Bar

Well, my pouty mouthed friend Annalie is really beginning to enjoy coming over here. She is liking the photo sessions and she is getting good at them. Today she wore a cute mini dress and some very nice nylons and heels. It didn't take her long, after showing off her legs and underwear, to get rid of that dress. I think she was really enjoying the action as that bra came off rather artistically. Her titties are not huge but they are well formed and delightful to view . . and she knows it as she is smiling considerably now. After seating herself on the stool, she shows how much she enjoys the photo action by putting on a pussy show to end all. When you have a good looking pussy, it's nice to show it off - and Annalie does it so well. She is getting GOOD!
Domina in Business Costume 
Again we were back at Barbaras business location. Take quick notice of the tools of her trade. Various items of some discomfort were hanging on the walls. She looked quite business-like in a black pin striped suit, black nylons and heels. Again, she maintained her business attitude V there were no smiles but she does attract the eyes. As is her custom, she calmly removed her blouse and again displayed those large, well formed breasts. They are a delight to view. She only got up from the chair to shed the skirt, showing very appealing panties. Again without a change of expression, she allowed those pantie to fall to the floor. Im sure that the lure of that body has caused some very interesting sessions with this lady.
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Set 622 on 01th October 2017 Set 621 on 24th September 2017 Set 620 on 17th September 2017 Set 619 on 10th September 2017
Miss Undercover Sure Looks Comfortable

Am I correct? Doesn't Miss Undercover look comfortable sitting on the floor? She is taking  that position to display her legs and then included the beginning of her clothing removal. As she removes the black jacket, she shows us some very pretty blue / black lingerie. Now she begins to rise and now the impact of her beautiful body becomes apparent. A bit unusual but those blue panties come off first and she thinks she has jarred us - but no. But she knows she needs to finish - the bra comes off along with good teasing. Finally she stands, beautiful hair, beautiful face and amazingly beautiful body.
Undercover? Hardly! Displayed? Beautiful!

I Knew Sandy Would Be Back

Well, as I predicted, my blue eyed Sandy is back. And again, she is ready for some hot photos - me too. Her red jacket and black mini led us to the red room. She was ready in no time, her posing was a delight. It didn't take long for the jacket to go away leaving a gorgeous scarlet bra covering beautiful breasts. Soon they are visible and are staggeringly gorgeous - and she knows it. So the skirt is next and happily she  now appears in only her garter belt, white nylons and heels. As you can tell, she loves her posing and she does it so well. The lady leaves nothing to the imagination. It is a delight to watch this magnificent lady go through her routines. I only hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Natalia Comes Out of the Shadows

Natalia is wearing a black very short mini with black nylons and heels. With her very dark red hair, we decided to do the photos on the darkened stairs just to add a hint of mystery and sensuality. Natalia looks quite good on those stairs and when the dress comes off and the light hits her, she changes completely. Things are a lot brighter now. She poses sweetly for a few minutes before exposing her honey breasts for our pleasure. They are so beautiful and well proportioned to her outstanding body. Now she poses again before turning around and deftly lowering the panties. As she turns back to display her treasure, she begins the smiles. Do you think Natalia is enjoying herself? Im sure she wants us to enjoy her even more.

Dori Relaxing

Here is a decoration that any guy, and probably a few ladies, would enjoy having in their living rooms. Dressed in a white dress and heels and dark nylons, Dori would excite anyone. The quick peek at the garter straps adds even more. She is certainly enjoying herself rolling around in that chair and we know she loves to pose. But eventually she decides she has teased us enough and soon the straps come off Doris shoulders and she finally display a most sensuous and gorgeous pair of pierced breasts. Dori is well endowed and enjoys the eyes of others on her breasts V Proud? Id say absolutely and rightfully so!

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Set 618 on 03th September 2017 Set 617 on 27th August 2017 Set 616 on 20th August 2017 Set 615 on 13th August 2017

WOW! What a Gorgeous Start

Is Monique showing off? What is she holding in her hands? Her upper body, which we might see later, is spectacular. She is making us wait while she plays with her jacket but, finally now that she has teased us a bit, the jacket comes off and her breasts are trying to break out of that bra V but she wont let them yet. Instead the skirt is lowered to the floor and we see this beautiful, red haired woman showing us her beautiful body in glorious white lingerie. With hands on her hips, she invites us to fully enjoy the sight of this fine lady, Monique. And now, one nipple is in view and slowly she releases her fabulous breasts from their confines. Its time to sit back and enjoy this braless wonder, and notice how she shows us her profile, magnifying the beauty of those truly magnificent breasts. Is Monique not a thing of beauty V I say yes!

Does Red Work for You? 

Do not let the name fool you! This lady is anything but cold. Cold Angel  causes temperatures to rise where ever she goes and you will see why.  You are drawn in by her first photo V the red mini dress, red garter belt, black nylons and heel. Cold Angels posing generates heat immediately as she lifts that dress and then gets rid of it. Does she not entice you as she moves on that couch?  Get ready for more heat as that bra comes un-done. Im sure you noticed the expression on her face change as she displays her absolutely full and beautiful breasts V what a sight. And now we have the full impact of her posing as she reclines on that couch in her garter belt, nylons and heels. What possibly could be better? Im sure your imagination is churning now.

A Doorway Full of Cladi 

Its always an enjoyable event when Cladi visit me. She has a thing for doorways V must have caught it from me. But she does fill a doorway well. Dressed in a shear black, off the shoulder mini with black nylons and heels, Cladi could excite any guy . . or lady. Early on, if you look closely, youll note that she is wearing nothing under that dress but a black girdle. That is very enticing and we know good things are coming. One of those good things is visible though the whole set, show-off that she is. After a bunch of neat poses, that dress comes over her head and she stands there in just that girdle, nylons and heels. Her breasts are petite but are surely well formed. More posing can certainly cause a stir in any guy's jeans as Im sure youll agree.

Black is Always Beautiful

And this is proven by one glance at a lady called X-trem Girl. Her name comes partly because of her outfits, which are almost always black. But her hair is black, why not? Actually she presents a fine impression, dressed in a black chemise with a hint of her shelf bra underneath. Its just a touch of whats to come. Her black garter belt, black nylons and boots complete the lady in black. Remember that X-trem Girl loves to pose and she does that before shedding the chemise and exposing those beautifully formed, pierced and jeweled breasts resting in the shelf bra. After a bit more teasing, she deftly removes the panties, leaving a delightful scene. Now, after having shown us her excitingly pleasing treasure, she sits back to allow us to savor the occasion V and Im sure we will.

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Set 614 on 06th August 2017 Set 613 on 30th July 2017 Set 612 on 23th July 2017 Set 611 on 16th July 2017

Leather and Jewelry

Just how hot is black leather? Take a look at Fantasy and see if your answer changes. This woman is hot, dressed in all black leather. The blonde hair and the jewelry certainly add to the view. That coat comes off and the zipper starts to come down and there is more jewelry V pierced nipples on staggering areolae. She hides and disguises those breasts but then they are out in the open, in all their beauty. Fantasy slowly unsnaps the skirt and we see more jewelry. Notice the beautiful jeweled garter belt. Finally the skirt is gone and all that is left is that garter belt and her jewels. Not only was Fantasy hot to start off with but she finishes in super hot fashion. How can you NOT be impressed by this lady?

The Redhead in My Garden

I think every well kept garden has an outstanding flower. Mine is this mature Redheaded Woman. She is vibrantly dressed in a knee length white dress with nude, seamed nylons and white heels. With her red hair and this outfit, she presents a gorgeous addition to my garden. My Redheaded Woman makes sure you can view her from all angles V her posing is extremely well fashioned. As you can tell, she loves to show off those fine legs but soon the dress begins to leave. She teases a bit but soon she shows us those beautiful, full breasts. Notice that gleaming smile V she knows we are enjoying her. She begins to remove those panties but hesitates to show off those legs again. Finally she gets the panties off. Can we agree that this is a gorgeous Redheaded Woman as she walks toward us wearing only her corselette. 

Dark Beauty

Black hair, black latex outfit, black high boots, black tattoos with a Gothic flair. Who am I describing? She is Sina Absinthia . Look closely, friends, at what is under the dark outfit. Id call it Dark Beauty. Sina looks terrific as she goes through her poses. Im sure by now, you realize what beauty is under that black outfit. She begins to show us a very interesting, strapped undergarment. How will she get out of it? Well, she does by starting with the neckband. Once it is loosened, we discover her gorgeous breasts that were disguised under the straps. Sina never does get those straps off but it makes no difference. We are treated to that wonderful body and it surely proves one thing. You never know what beauty lurks under outer garments . . but its fun to let your imagination take over.

Ines Graces My Bar

Just notice for a minute the conservative(?) outfit she is wearing. A sweet white blouse, black shorts with black nylons and heels - but the suspender straps show very easily - conservative - lol! So you know something great is coming. Ines loves to pose and she does it so well. But soon she begins to shed the blouse, very slowly. Well, braless, happily! Slowly she allows us to view those sweet breasts. Are they not enticing? But even more excitement - as the shorts  are ever so slowly lowered, we are totally blown away because there are no panties - conservative, I think not. So Ines showed up at the bar with absolutely nothing but her suspenders under her outfit. How would you handle sitting at the bar with this gorgeous woman???
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Set 610 on 09th July 2017 Set 609 on 02th July 2017 Set 608 on 25th June 2017 Set 607 on 18th June 2017
Anna in my Wintergarten

I knew as soon as Anna showed up and wanted to do photos in the wintergarten that things would get real hot, real fast . . and it did. Anna looks quite studious with her glasses on, but when the glasses come off so do other things. She loves her posing but also loves to get down to hot business. It didn't take long for the jacket to go away, followed soon by that sweet print top. Under it lurked some gorgeous brown lingerie. She was definitely down for business as two breath-taking breasts rolled out from under the bra. You surely can tell she is stacked. Quickly the skirt hit the floor. You are about to find out how proud she is of her goods. Her pussy comes into view in a stirring shot and she continues to show it for the rest of the set. I must tell you that Anna loves to show off her wares. I am positive that her effect on you will last for quite some time and you will be eager for her return.
The Garden of Beauty
It is amazing what one can find in the garden, Sometimes it is a group of weeds that require removal. Not so today, you will find Art of Jay in my garden. She is a delightful flower that stands out well, dressed in a becoming black and white print dress, black nylons and heels. Blonde hair and fine jewelry add to the lady's beauty.You will note hat she gets busy quickly removing that dress. Doesn't that black lingerie looks just alluring? She quickly begins to un-do the bra but teases us for quite a  while, first allowing one nipple to appear but finally her beautiful perky breasts come into view. Don't you love how the pearls form a delightful frame for her breasts? She poses well. Then slowly she removes the panties - but I think she might be preparing us for another visit. I'm sure you will join me in awaiting hungrily for her next appearance.
My Object D'Art

Megan is well framed in this set. As you will see, this is quite appropriate for the art work to follow. Megan is a very well tattoo-ed lady. But that is another story. The good part is that Megan is a  beautiful woman. It doesn't take long before she proves that. The dress is gone quickly leaving very fine pink lingerie in its place. The dark nylons, white heels  plus stunning blue hair all add to the look. As she lowers the top piece, she treats us to her well endowed, very shapely breasts - notice one nipple is pierced. You might also be impressed with those legs, so well formed. Nothing is left to the imagination as her panties also find their way to the floor. Now the art work is apparent. Her tattoos are totally in view and her gorgeous body has been displayed from all angles. I'm sure you will agree that all the pieces make up a truly magnificent 'object d'art'.
Blue Eyed Honey

Long, dark hair and blue eyes - that is not a bad way to start a description. Vanny Love adds a slender body, nice legs and a pretty face. That striped blouse and dark skirt and nylons only add to the picture. Plus the pearl accessories surely help. But a definite contrast appears as her clothing is removed. Under her conservative outfit exists a stunning red and black bra and pantie combination. Vanny teases us by hunting for the bra clasp but finally, it comes off. I'm sure you'll agree that her breast size is fine for her slender body. Her movements as the panties drop to the floor and as she presents a profile view, all serve to point out the beauty of Vanny's body. That profile re-enforces the grace of her body and, in particular, her superbly proportioned breast size.
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Set 606 on 11th June 2017 Set 605 on 03th June 2017 Set 604 on 28th May 2017 Set 603 on 21th May 2017
A Work of Art Deserves a Good Frame

A doorway certainly seems to be a fine way to frame a work of art. Kami is that object. Standing in that doorway, she presents a beautiful display. The shear top does little to prevent the viewing of this sweet lady. She teases us as she maneuvers that top to show us a gorgeous breast. It doesn't take long before the other is exposed and the top drops slowly to the floor. And now the smiles begin. She knows we are enjoying her performance. She continues to smile as she poses, eventually ridding herself of those blue panties and that white girdle. And now she is that work of art, a beautiful naked lady in black nylons and clear platform heels. Art is intended to bring pleasure to the viewer. I'm sure you will agree that Kami is that view to behold.
Im Losing a Customer

My dear friend, Lily, will be leaving to follow a career in acting. She has been at my bar for a long time and will be missed. But before she goes, she has decided to more fully display her charms. Youll notice how she takes great pride in showing off her treasure. You must admit the lady has a gorgeous body including dynamite legs. She is wearing a sexy mini and soon shows off a beautiful white bustier. She loves to pose and does so before dropping the top of that bustier. Lily is definitely in a Show Off mode as she put everything on display and I hope you will agree that we all love the show. We wish the lady well in her new roles.
The Past Returns

After many years, I met up with Nina once more. We decided to do some photos again. Since she is an attractive woman, I thought you might find her interesting. She is not only attractive but also quite stylish. That red dress she wears is truly in vogue. Notice her hair, so finely done. Then there is the jewelry. It was impressed by the bracelets, ring and necklace. Then came the fun as she hiked that dress up to disclose the straps holding up her nylons. Now you could tell she was a classy lady. And check out that face V is she not a very attractive woman? She toys with us, showing her seamed nylons for our pleasure and then works her way out of the dress. Now she shows her lingerie, black and red and stylish. Then the real posing began as she showed off her sweet body with a quick removal of her bra. What beautiful breasts, so round and full and so firm. Will she take more off? Well just notice the grin as Nina drops her panties to the floor. Now we have a vision of loveliness. Hopefully well get together again in the future.
Annalie, My Bar Buddy

As you will note, my pouty mouthed friend, Annalie, dropped by for some fun. Annalie has a thing for the camera and loves to pose.  Dressed in a black mini skirt, a red top and something cool under it plus her nylons and heels, she looks good sitting at the bar. She always enjoys showing off her legs but things got serious when she began to shed that red blouse. Under it was a very revealing mesh pullover. The skirt came next. It didnt take long before she pulled that top over her head displays some very nice, sweet titties. So there she sat, in a garter belt, nylons  and heels V the way I like my guests to be dressed. Annalie was enjoying the posing as she spread her legs to complete the picture. Im sure you enjoyed Annalies time at my bar as much as I did. Shell be back!

Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 602 on 14th May 2017 Set 601 on 07th May 2017 Set 600 on 30th April 2017 Set 599 on 23th April 2017
I got together with Contessa Barbara Calucci

for a photo shoot that was truly interesting. We did the shoot at her location and you should notice the startling red and black vinyl outfit and the black heels.
The Countess advertises her wares well. She certainly has the look of a successful dominatrix. As she began to display her body, my first impression had to be those large breasts. Even in this shoot, she was all business. She barely broke into a smile but concentrated on her image. There were no holds barred. She had no problem with displaying her naked body in nylons and heels. Im sure she is well able to impress her customers and have them streaming back for more.

EmJay, My New Wall Decoration
Everyone seems to decorate their walls with pictures or specialized furniture. I leave a couple of walls that can be cleared quickly. We determined that EmJay would surely stand out posing in front of a light wall. Her red mini dress, shoes and her black and red hair certainly make a statement in front of it. She got right into posing and in a short time things started to happen. The red top went away as did the skirt. Did you notice the cornrows coming out from under her veiled and feathered head dress - just another reason from the light wall V contrast works. Now for the good stuff, off comes that bra and she treats us to a pair of delectable breasts. This is followed by her panties dropping to the floor. And the vision is complete. What could be better than a beautiful woman in a garter belt, nylons and heels? Her delightful body, her hair, her tattoos and her facial expressions certainly make her a most unusual model, wouldnt you agree?
Miss Congeniality at My Bar
I often wondered why my lady friends enjoy being at my bar. There are no guys there. Do you think they are there for the photo shoots? That must be it V and Im glad theyre here. Miss Congeniality arrived for the week-end. She requested photo shoots V who am I to argue. This woman is spectacular. Pearls and a blue shift was her outfit plus red RTH nylons and black pumps V great start. Notice the lips and eyes that follow you all over. After considerable posing, she got down to business and shed that blue shift. She was wearing a very fine red bra and pantie set and a black garter belt. What a sight she was. After awhile things started to disappear. The bra was first V this lady has gorgeous well shaped breasts and large dark areolae and she is proud of them. Soon the rest went away and she finally came to rest on a bar stool clad in only her garter belt, nylons and heels. That how I want all my customers to be dressed . . or undressed.
Sandy in My Living Room

My friend, Sandy, came to visit and as we were talking, she caught me of guard by stretching out on the couch. I quickly asked if shed enjoy doing some hot photos. She surprised me with her quick agreement. Sandy is a very attractive woman, as you will see. It didnt take long before she was posing very sexily, showing lots of leg and finally getting rid of the sweater top. The posing got warmer and eventually she began to remove her bra. Well, Sandy is very well endowed. Her breasts are magnificent, so full and round, such a pleasure to see. She then stepped out of the skirt. Now, notice the long ringlet hair, beautiful face, dynamite breasts, slender waist and ample hips plus sweet, well formed legs. Can anything be better? I am so glad she agreed to pose and Im sure you agree. She might do more next time.
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Set 598 on 16th April 2017 Set 597 on 09th April 2017 Set 596 on 02th April 2017 Set 595 on 26th March 2017
Dori on Her Bar Stool

Im sure we all remember the gorgeous body that Dori always brings with her. Here she covers that body with a red taffeta mini dress plus black nylons and heels V a great start. She also always hints at whats underneath V black in this case. Just notice how her chest stands out in profiles V well see later. Dori poses well and expertly teases us as she lowers the top of the dress, very slowly but eventually showing us that full black bra and sexy garter belt . . . and then, finally, the bra goes away and now she displays those beautiful, well formed breasts. Notice her profile now - those breasts plus her slender waist, great legs, red hair and gorgeous face. Are you not convinced this lady makes a spectacular appearance?
The Doorway to Heaven

One might think that heaven would be behind the door. Not is this case. Heaven is the delicious Monique who is dressed today in red vinyl, black nylons and heels. But the first thing you must notice is the appeal of those beckoning lips V one kiss could never be enough. Monique also entices us with her flowing hair and the way she uses it. But for now, she is busy posing and preparing to remove the red top. As she does so, we are instantly treated to truly magnificent breasts which she displays very proudly . . and rightfully so. She allows us so much time to enjoy them but soon the skirt also is dropped. This leaves Monique, breathe takingly beautiful, wearing only that cinch belt. Im sure youll agree that Monique is truly a heavenly body.
Out of the Dark
Cold Angel appears to be confusing you by appearing in front of the black screen . . but wait. The lady is delightful in her white and black outfit but its hard to see. She poses in many ways to give you the hints of what is beneath. Slowly the outfit begins to disappear and the gorgeous figure begins to materialize. Now that body is highlighted against the black screen. Notice how that sweet rear end comes alive. So she stands before you in her bra, panties, nylons and heels V what could be better. Yes, the bra does come off, exposing her most luxurious breasts, so round and firm. Finally Cold Angel has come out of the dark for you to enjoy
Cladi Puts on a Truly Sexy Show

So Cladi came to visit and I talked her into posing but she wanted to do her posing at my bar. How could I refuse? Within the first minute the show went red hot. Cladi twisted that blue dress and began by showing her sweet pussy. What a great start! She kept going for awhile and then got rid of the dress leaving her in a girdle and a pretty nice shelf bra holding a couple of fine breasts. She only needed to lower the bra leaving those beautiful breasts totally on display. I guess Cladi was in 'display mode' since after showing her delicious pussy and sweet breasts, she proceeded to show us a well rounded rear end. I'd say Cladi covered V or uncovered V everything today
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Set 594 on 19th March 2017 Set 593 on 12th March 2017 Set 592 on 05th March 2017 Set 591 on 26th February 2017
Spectacular in Leather

There is this lady, X-trem Girl, who always draws attention. Today that attention is here. That attention is a very attractive black and red leather outfit. Match that to the jet black hair, black nylons and high boots and the effect is stunning. I think you will enjoy the posing and then, abruptly, the skirt comes off and she displays her fine treasure to feast your eyes on. Do you think she enjoys the eyes on her? I'm sure she does and she quickly opens the bustier top to display her fine breasts and jeweled nipples. Again her posing is outstanding and she shows her spectacular body well for your visual pleasure. And that explains her name.
The Ultimate Race Queen

I must say Peterbilt certainly has some fine supporters. Fantasy is sporting a terrific, finish line flag outfit. That black and white outfit coupled with the black nylons with garter straps and black heels certainly makes one's mind wander - but to where? That body and those gorgeous legs sure tell you where. It doesn't take long for Fantasy to show you. She is so proud of those beautiful breasts as she removes her little jacket and lingers on them. Then she begins to slowly lower the bottom of the outfit and displays her signature view. You noticed the pierced, jeweled nipples and now Fantasy follows up with her jeweled pussy. I'm sure you'll agree with me that this lady can certainly put on a show right to the finish line.
The Ultra-Slow Tease

My fashion star, Ines, arrived for a couple of days visit. This vivacious woman is always a pleasure to have here plus she does great photos, which we got to pretty quickly. Adorned in a black mini suit with a pleated skirt, Ines always present a stunning appearance. She also is one big tease. Notice how she teases by playing with her nylons and garter straps. Watch again how she allows us so many peeks inside that blouse before it 'finally' comes off. She loves it, just look at the constant smiles on that face. Then she does the same thing with the skirt. I hope you will agree that waiting for the blouse to come off was worth the wait. The lady owns a finely formed pair of breasts and she is so proud of them.
Anna in My Winter Garden

Anna brings excitement anywhere she goes. Today the excitement is here. Dressed in a very short metallic skirt, white open blouse, grey RHT nylons and hot heels plus her giant pearl necklace, you can feel it starting. She is quick to get rid of the blouse but teases us for awhile. Eventually the straps come down on the bustier and she displays two magnificent breasts. Almost immediately, she loses the skirt followed closely by the panties. This leaves us with a gorgeous lady showing off the jewels of her treasure. Have you noticed her smile? Does she know she is pleasing you? I submit she succeeds on all counts.
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 590 on 19th February 2017 Set 589 on 12th February 2017 Set 588 on 05th February 2017 Set 587 on 29th January 2017
Megan Blue is 'Blue on Blue'

I always enjoy the return of Megan Blue partly because of the color of her hair - and partly because of the outfits she brings. I was impressed by the matching mesh-type pieces in this outfit. She starts by displaying her nylons and garter belt under a long, mesh chemise before dropping it to the floor. Interestingly, her top is an unusual long sleeved one. As she slowly removed that top, she treats us to her nicely shaped breasts and eventually presents them in all their beauty. Notice the well presented tattoos. Also you will be very pleased as she removes those panties. You must admit that Megan Blue possesses a startlingly beautiful body and she displays it proudly.
Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Kami is truly dynamite. This lady stands 5'3"   and  proves the point. With her sparkling smile and absolutely gorgeous body, you will find Kami to be fully worth your attention. The first points you should consider are her magnificent breasts. One look at her profile photo will be enough. Her breasts stand at attention and you can not help but be impressed. But Kami doesn't stop there. Notice also the slim waist and nicely rounded hips. This picture should stand out in your mind but look further at her legs. The black nylons and heels reinforce the graceful curves of her calves and thighs. This lady is so gorgeously put together that I'm sure you'll agree . . . . this small package is truly dynamite..

My Bar Lures Lily Once Again   

Ah, my bar beckons again and this time Lily answers. She is dressed in a sweet red shift, black nylons and red heels and she is still concentrating on her emotional posing . . and doing it rather well. But she still likes to show off her legs, and soon the rest of her. She has gotten to be quite the sexy model. She now enjoys getting rid of her clothing and making us all quite pleased. She has a  crimson mini bustier on and that's all. To complete the picture, Lily pulled down the bodice and displayed her sweet breasts for us all. Lily loves to show it all and I love to have her do that at my bar.

Welcome Back, Tanja

After a bit of an absence, sweet, innocent Tanja has returned. I love to call her 'innocent' because she has 'that' look. But we know deep down inside, she is not so innocent at all. As a matter of fact, she is not innocent at all, as witnessed by the tantalizing photos she poses for. The only thing that gives her away is the garter straps under that chic red suit. Notice also the black nylons and fanciful red spiked heels. So she does such a nice job of posing and showing off her legs. However, she then gets down to pleasurable business. She sheds the jacket and blouse and shows her sweet, petite breasts for our admiration. Tanja languishes topless for a bit and then drops that skirt. Does she not look outstanding in the girdle, nylons and heels - also showing quite a bit of treasure for the admiring eyes.
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 586 on 22th January 2017 Set 585 on 15th January 2017 Set 584 on 08th January 2017 Set 583 on 01th January 2017
Annalie is Hooked on Photos

Sometimes it amazes me how photo shoots like mine are habit forming. My pouty lipped friend, Annalie Alenka, has returned to do another one. Annalie was just itching to get that long sleeved gray print dress off but she knew posing was required . . and she handled it well. After showing hints of her red bra and garter straps, it was finally time. So there Annalie stands, sparkling in her red and black shelf bra and matching girdle. She is obviously very comfortable doing these sets since her sweet pussy and nipples are instantly on display for our visual delight. I'm sure you'll agree that, along with her sweet, pouty lips, Annalie presents a delicious display of her treasures.
EmJay, Bar-hopping at My Bar, Again
Tall, slender and long legged is an apt description for my friend, Emjay. This lady is not your 'Run-of-the-Mill' model. She pushes the mold toward its limits. She wears tattoos very proudly and also enjoys the shock value of her red corn rows. She does make an unusual appearance but she is a fine looking lady. Those blue eyes are highly magnetic, the body is lean and shapely and her legs go on forever. You will not find her attire featured in fashion shows but she wears her outfits well. That is a combination of a vinyl black bustier and bra combination that could be hard to find in any stores. Now match that to her red cornrows and red top RHT nylons. The view is startling but fine. The bustier comes off and she stands in a black bra, panties and garter belt, a bit sexier I'll admit. Very soon, the bra and panties makes an exit and what remains is quite a feast for the eyes. Perhaps she dresses a bit off-key but what's under it all is all pure woman.
The Vivacious Miss Congeniality

OK!  How's that for a first impression? With a face like Miss Congeniality's, wouldn't you expect a bubbly, personable young lady? That she is. How attractive is she in that blue mini, red top RHT nylons and black heels. The pearls add to the outfit but don't stay too long. And under it all , we can see red  panties and bra plus a black garter belt. Miss Congeniality runs through a series a fine poses, displaying her sweet, well rounded tushy and then quickly rids herself of her bra. Now this lady has magnificent breasts with large, dark nipple areas - how very beautiful to view.. She finally teases and pleases us as she removes those panties. Now let me ask you, wouldn't this vivacious lady be a delight to be with?
Sandy Welcomes the New Year    

It's always nice to have a hint of what the new year will bring. Sandy is one of those hints. Her outfit was perfect for my red fabric covered wall. Black hair, black mini skirt, black heels and that red striped blouse worked perfectly. Plus those blue eyes are magnetic. I was impressed with her posing. She did a fine job of teasing us as she removed the blouse. Sandy is a very well curved lady with a gorgeous face. The fun starts as she unsnaps and discards the skirt.  even more-so when she sheds her bra. The view becomes so much more appealing as she displays her so well formed breasts - a delight for the eyes. My prediction for 2017 is that Sandy will provide many more visions of her loveliness.
Preview/Vorschaubilder here