Weekly Update, only from Gina and her Models!
      Set 687 on 31th Dezember 2018
Start the New Year Right

Yes, the new year is upon us and Cold Angel is here to welcome it . .and to excite you. Removing that fur only tells you what is coming from this beautiful lady. Notice how well she poses, showing every gorgeous part of her body. That black skirt and top do not last long ¡V they block the view. Now Angel wants you to notice her long legs and that fine lingerie. And now the excitement as she loosens and slowly removes her bra. You can tell she loves to show those globes off ¡V are they not spectacular and doesn¡¦t Cold Angel know it well? And she now stands proudly before you in her garter belt, nylons and heels. Could this be a forecast of what you will see here through the new year?

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Set 686 on 24th Dezember 2018 Set 685 on 17th Dezember 2018 Set 684 on 10th Dezember 2018 Set 683 on 03th Dezember 2018
Megan Blue Fires Up My Bar

One might think that Megan Blue¡¦s hair coloring might be her way of drawing attention to herself. However, as you will see, that would be unnecessary. Standing by my bar tells you why. That white mini, the pink lingerie, the tattoos, those gorgeous legs, her ability to pose well plus a very pretty face are the reasons. Watch as she entices you as she removes the mini and exposes the pink lingerie and black nylons. I know you are now waiting for that bustier top to come down . .and as it dos, you get a view of her magnificent, round, full tits ¡V so worth waiting for. Nothing is as hot as panties slowing descending to the floor. Doesn¡¥t she do a fine job of that and aren¡¦t the final views of this gorgeous lady so worth the wait?

A Classic Work of Art

Art of Jay appears to be the classic professional model type lady. Her body is lean, her style is superb and her face is classic model. Today she is posing in my conservatory wearing a black and while mini with black nylons and heels plus her pearl jewelry. As is her way, she is very deliberate in removing her dress and then begins to remove her bra. She twists and turn, showing her fine body and the bra eventually it goes on the floor. Now Art of Jay displays her gorgeous, so well formed breasts for you. The lady poses well during her routine as you will note but she now begins to shed her panties. Slowly she removes them and merely flips them over her shoulder. She knows the secret is in how the panties are slid down her legs. I hope you have appreciated her classic movements during this set 

Miss Marzipan Joins Me

Allow me to introduce Miss Marzipan, a new friend. She liked my work and wanted to be part of it. It took a few minutes to warm up but then the posing began. It didn¡¦t take long before the leg show started and then a little peek under the dress showing nice garter straps. Her combination of black hair and lingerie plus the red jewelry, nylons and heels work really well. The fun begins when the dress is pulled over her head. I hope you enjoy her legs as I do. But then the bra is shed and she shows a pair of healthy, well shaped breasts . . with big areolae ¡V mmm. After some well posed shots on my cellar terrace, the lady begins to remove those well hidden panties. Miss Marzipan looks great in only the girdle, nylons and heels. I hope you enjoy the final poses and hopefully the lady will return with some more hot photos.

My Red Hot Friend, Anna

For those of you who remember her, you know Anna loves to perform with as little clothing as possible.. Today is no exception. She stands before my wall dressed all in white, a white crepe robe, white lingerie and white nylons and heels. After a series of poses where she shows off her legs and gorgeous derriere, the white robe goes away and she stands in a pretty bustier. Quickly she lowers the top and displays her bountiful sweet tits. It¡¦s show time again as she shows her well rounded rear end and deftly drops her panties also. She does well and now presents her delicious and interesting jeweled pussy for our admiration. I¡¦m sure you¡¦ll all agree that Anna is one of the hottest ladies to pose here and I¡¦m sure she will return. 

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Set 682 on 26th November 2018 Set 681 on 19th November 2018 Set 680 on 12th November 2018 Set 679 on 05th November 2018
The Tattoo-ed Lady in My Garden

That lady in the garden is Jenes. my favorite tattoo-ed lady. Just notice the many tattoos she displays. But while you are at it, notice also this lady¡¦s sweet face and gorgeous body. Dressed all in white, she almost dazzle the viewer. After posing and showing off her body, she decides to show off more tattoos ¡V how fortunate for us. The top goes away first followed quickly by her white panties. Don¡¦t you now love how she shows off some selected tattoos? Finally the top of the bustier is lowered and she shows us her beautifully shaped breasts. After having seen her body in so many poses, can we agree that the lady is truly a magnificent work of tattoo-ed art?



Vanessa Spruces Up My Living Room

Generally speaking, the ideal model is slender, tall and very pleasing to the eyes. Vanessa is that and more plus she certainly enhances my living room. Initially one might think she is a conservative lady ¡V her outfit and long brown hair give that impression. But once she begins her posing, that idea goes away. She is very quick to get rid of her blouse and skirt and treat us to her lingerie clad body. Long brown hair, pearls and black and red undies must change your opinion. Once the lingerie starts to come off, her smiles begin. I think she likes her job. Finally, in only her garter belt, nylons and heels, we can appreciate her fine body. Notice the very ample breasts enhanced with the dark areolas, the long legs, the classic hourglass figure and her pleasing face. Not too conservative now, is she?

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

It has been said that dynamite comes in small packages. After seeing Kami, I know that to be true. This little lady, at a little over five foot, must have caused that saying. As you will agree, she is one dynamite young lady. Even wearing clear platform heels she appears small standing at my bar. But don¡¦t be fooled ¡V the lady is one gorgeous woman. Let¡¦s start with the outfit ¡V that almost transparent robe doesn¡¦t hide much. She is quick to show off her super sweet legs plus a hint of a garter belt holding those black nylons. She poses a bit while pulling that robe over her head ¡V And what is underneath? Kami possesses a magnificent pair of breasts, truly. She is also quick to get rid of that bra and start to remove her panties. She looks so comfortable in her state of undress ¡V just a pleasure to the eyes. Now, how would you like to run into her at my bar? I am positive you would ¡V BOOM!
Marisa in My Conservatory

With that red mesh robe on, you can certainly tell what is in store for you. Marisa presents a delightful view sitting by the open sliders. Once that robe goes away, you can see how beautiful this lady is. The dark hair, black jewelry, black lingerie and heels are stunning against her skin. Don¡¦t you love how the red nylons add to the scene? Marisa takes her time with her bra before she displays her sweet breasts with those perky nipples ¡V mmm. She is not so slow, however, to get rid of her panties, now showing a very neatly controlled mound of black hair on her pussy. She seems to be delighted to show off her treasure and I¡¦m sure you¡¦ll agree that we all fully appreciate the beauty that Marisa brings to us.
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Set 678 on 29th October 2018 Set 677 on 22th October 2018 Set 676 on 15th October 2018 Set 675 on 08th October 2018
Stunning in Red

Stunning is the ideal word to describe the beautiful Nina as she returns for another spectacular photo shoot. As you will note, this woman¡¦s personality just flows off the screen. Her facial expressions are fully entertaining. But more than that, she is just beautiful. The red sheath dress immediately catches you along with the black nylons and red heels. Her posing routines are most enjoyable as she goes about ridding herself of the dress and showing her gorgeous body in black and red undies. It takes her a few minutes of teasing before the bra goes away and she displays her most gorgeous breasts and erect nipples - what a sight! Finally the panties come off and she stands in garter belt only. Now ¡¥stunning¡¦ is the word again and she is such a spectacular woman - I know you can¡¦t wait for her return

Annalie at My Bar

 It¡¦s always a pleasure to welcome Annalie back to grace my bar. I always loved her pouty lips, just a bit exciting. However she is going on to better things. She looks great in that white outfit, showing off her legs as usual. That flaming red hair also adds to her outfit. So, after the legs show, the straps are beginning to come down. That white dress is going away. Now she looks at home at the bar in her bra and girdle ¡V standard bar outfit. After a few poses, Annalie gets rid of the bra, displaying her truly sweet tits and her perky nipples. Now, wearing ¡¥only¡¦ her girdle, Annalie gets back to showing off her legs ¡V along with her nice derriere and sweet treasure. I think for her final performance, the lady leaves a fine, lasting impression and perhaps she will return one day soon.
Lady Barbara, the Dominatrix

Contessa Barbara Calucci is a well known dominatrix. Here she stands, in her black pin striped suit, white blouse and black nylons and heels, her classic outfit. You will also note the total absence of any jewelry. It¡¦s difficult to catch this lady smiling - a necessity for her role, I¡¦d say. I wonder how much delicious pain she has delivered on that couch she sits on? What about the other ¡¥tools of her trade¡¦ you see in that room? You will, however, note how she shows off her slender legs, a sweet enticement. She also presents a healthy bust, and she is totally bra-less as you will see. She can certainly be proud of those delicious breasts along with the rest of her body as you will see as the thong and panties are slowly drawn down her legs. Lady Barbara is very successful and always available . . .¡¦ if¡¦ you are interested !
My Nimble Friend

I guess Miss Undercover wants to show us how athletic and nimble she can be. She picked a good place to show us, in a doorway at my bar. I'm sure she is using the door as a frame for her antics, which are pretty neat. You need to have her type body to pull it off. She is definitely animated as she sheds that nice sheath dress. Miss Undercover shows some moves as the dress hits the floor. But that leaves us with her in her red bra and panties plus red top nylons. The view is getting much better. But she fooled us as the panties are the first to go, nicely falling to the floor. Those exercises sure paid off after seeing that body. So now she is teasing us as she slowly get rid of the bra. Covering those boobs makes no difference. We can see that they are just outstanding. WOW! I'm tired after all her movement but not so tired that I can't enjoy this beautiful lady.
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Set 674 on 01th October 2018 Set 674 on 24th September 2018 Set 672 on 17th September 2018 Set 671 on 10th September 2018
Dark Beauty

Dark clothing on a woman certainly can get your blood flowing. This is surely the case with Angelina, with her black hair, black nylons and heels and total outfit - she's hot! The light staircase forms the perfect background for this lady. Slowly she removes that shear blouse and allows us to soak in the feeling. Then the skirt is removed. Now the first thing you should notice is a small string of pearls adorning her panties - that's exciting. Slowly the bra comes away exposing her most delicious breasts, so well formed but you're still looking at the pearls. And who can blame you as she slowly slides them down her gorgeous legs and sits waiting for you. Wouldn't you enjoy finding Angelina on your stairs? I'm sure you would after this performance.
From South of the Border

Once again, my Brazilian friend, Denise, has visited for a photo set. Looking very sultry, sexy and beautiful in her red dynamite outfit, she always is able to excite her fans. Your first vieew of her sets the pace - slender, long legs , a trim body all in red, red platform heels and nylons plus her black hair. Denise has a terrific model's figure and she loves to show it off. She also loves to give you those clever, quick, sneaky peeks to attract your attention. Soon the dress comes up and off as she displays her petite, delicious breasts. And now, wearing only her garter belt and very brief panties, you can tell how magnificent this lady truly is.
Beautiful Curved Lips

It's difficult to forget the high cheek bones and beautifully curved lips that belong to sweet Natalia. She has a way of forming her lips that really create some wild imaginations. Today she is taking the chill off by standing near the stove - warms us all up, I think. She is wearing a slinky light print mini dress that looks sensational with her dark hair,  jewelry and nylons . .plus some very unusual metallic strap heels. We know there are some black goodies under that mini. Her bra is truly intricate but somehow she manages to pull it over her head and display her very fine breasts with those huge darkened areolae. What a delightful vision. Natalia continues to stun us as she sheds those panties. Suspenders, nylons and heels - what more could you ask for - hurry back, Natalia.
Ringlets of Brown Tresses

What's the first thing you notice about 7Eye? It's her hair - just spectacular. Also notice the elaborate tattoo she displays on her thigh. However, here she is relaxing, dressed in a neat red vinyl jacket and black mini skirt . . but she is not going to allow you to relax. Notice the gorgeous red and black bra under the jacket. 7Eye teases well and eventually loses her jacket. Did I mention that spectacular bra? She is quite happy with what is under it and soon shows us all her so well rounded breasts. Finally the lady loosens the skirt and allows us nice views of her tattoo. But I'm sure that is not what is interesting you now. This lady is so fine plus did you notice the blue eyes?
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Set 670 on 03th September 2018 Set 669 on 27th August 2018 Set 668 on 20th August 2018 Set 667 on 14th August 2018
One Neat Redhead
Redheads always seem to stand out and Dori is no exception. She is always so well dressed - notice that superb red taffeta dress over black nylons and heels. Of course, the lady flashes a bit of black lingerie for later. That outfit plus the beautiful bedroom eyes certainly add a luster to my bar. Dori shows off her fine bra and takes awhile to get down to business. Eventually Dori rolls that dress down her body and displays  a brief black garter belt. Don't you love the way her profile shots indicate   well endowed  breasts . . and she knows it, as we do once the bra goes away. I'm sure you'll agree with me that the lady presents one beautiful woman to warm your heart and . . . .
Everybody Has a Fantasy

Let me introduce you once again to what could be yours. Fantasy is in my red fetish room and ready to start your fantasy. Dressed all in black, she certainly adds to the illusion of a fetish room. Some love tattoos - she provides those. Others might like piercings - you'll see many photos of them. But the lady also has a fantastic body and she enjoys putting it on display - she displays everything. She quickly sheds her mesh blouse. After a bit of bra strap adjustment, she decides those panties come off first - why? The jeweled pussy, of course. The black bustier, black nylons and heels present a rather different picture. It allows Fantasy to show off her jewels  a lot more. Soon it is time to show off the other jewels - the ones in the pierced nipples. As she pushes the bustier cups down, she gives you a fine view of her delicious body. Now could she become a new and lasting fantasy?
Red Sure Makes an Impression

Cladi doesn't need the red but it works just fine for her. And those glasses don't hurt a bit, a very clever prop. She seems a little conservative - until you spot those garter straps. She keeps that skirt bottom pulled up to pique your interest. Slowly the jacket goes away followed by the blouse, but slower. The lady is braless - how nice and how nice those breasts are - not huge but you sure know they are there. Finally, Cladi get down to the final maneuver. The glasses go onto her hair and the skirt comes off as Cladi happily displays her sweet pussy. The impression has been made - and it didn't need the red to do it.
A Study in Black

There is something truly sensual in black outfits. Notice X-trem Girl dressed all in black. Isn't there a tingle? Does she not generate some wild thoughts?  The first thing you notice in a quite transparent black robe - what a beginning. She definitely knows how to excite you with her poses. But there is still more black underneath. Finally the robe goes away and the first thing you notice are her succulent nipples resting in a stunning shelf bra. Are they not beautifully formed breasts? She is getting to you. More posing, more fun, good-bye panties! And now you have it.  Sweet breast and tasty pussy in view and the lady is just gorgeous. I'm sure the black outfit had its effect on you . . and you are loving it!
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Set 666 on 06th August 2018 Set 665 on 30th July 2018 Set 664 on 23th July 2018 Set 663 on 16th July 2018
Hot in Red

'The red one' aptly describes this young lady. Notice that flowing red hair - clue number one. Next the red blouse immediately grabs your eyes. Dropping down happily, what color  are the black with red RHT nylons? All very well but what a tease - shows the black panties quickly but only for a few seconds. Shows the straps - shows the top of a pretty breast, shows the sweet little rear end - what a delight. Then she gets down to business. After some fine posing, she unbuttons that blouse and shows those breasts. Mostly in black now but not for long. More posing as the skirt goes away, followed quickly by the bra and then those panties. That little bit of red is back again and she is again 'Hot in Red'. I'm sure you appreciate the view.
Definitely the Gothic StyleMy friend,

Lady Absinthe, has returned. Unlike her last visit, this time black is the color. This time the stockings are black vinyl, the outfit is a black mini with a black vinyl bra on the outside plus lots of black straps. Naturally she still wears her tattoos proudly. Notice, as you peruse her body, that some of the tattoos looks like wound stitches. She begins with a posing routine, showing off her upper body and legs. But soon the straps get loosened and disappear, quite a time consuming maneuver. Next the dress is removes leaving another leather bra and mini panties. After a few poses, Absinthe drops the bra and displays her gorgeous breasts. Those breasts are full and well rounded and pierced, naturally. Finally the panties are shed, she plays with her hair for a bit and finally stands, showing her fully exposed, beautiful body. I¡¦d say she looks fantastic in just her stockings and heels. I also think you will agree.
I Got Maryfary Cornered on the Stairs

It didn't take long to decide where to do the photos. Considering her black outfit, tan nylons and her pearls, the background coloring was great. Maryfary looked great in that black knit mini and those nylons sure added to it and pearls always help. She used the stairs to her advantage, being able to shift her legs nicely, also showing off a bit of treasure. But the mini finally came off. Under it was 'only' a black bra and her corselette - that's all she needed. What a delightful view with those pearls, nylons and heels. As a final move, Mary slowly removed her bra, showing off her gorgeous breasts and flung it down the stairs. Those breasts are so ideal for her body, they just fit her so well. And that pussy looks delightful also. Now wouldn't you like to meet up with her on that staircase. Bet she'd stop you!
Lusia Diamont in Black Vinyl 

Lusia is sure looking sweet in her black vinyl outfit. The nylons are hot and those platform heels look delightful. Lusia likes to pose and does many variations. But her outfit is quite interesting. As you will see, she appears to be wearing a bustier top - it comes off like one - quickly. The matching skirt unfastens also quickly. Lusia slows down now to remove the final piece. She lower the top to allow us to view her sweet breasts and slows further to unfasten all the straps holding up her nylons. This allows the lady to completely remove the rest of the piece and not obstruct the view of her beautifully naked body. As she reclines back on the couch, you might wonder what is running through her mind. Could it be the same as yours?
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 662 on 09th July 2018 Set 661 on 02th July 2018 Set 660 on 25th June 2018 Set 659 on 18th June 2018
Ines at the Table
It has been so long since Ines was here and I was so pleased that she returned. This lady is always very bubbly, her smile is infectious and her body is gorgeous. One thing I enjoy about her is her slow, teasing approach. Today she is all in black and, with her blonde hair, presents a stunning picture. As usual, she teases from the start ¡V slow, deliberate movements and hinting of pleasure as she lets us peek at her girdle straps. Finally, that black leather skirt goes away. I know you are watching her facial expressions, she loves what she does and she does it so well. After much maneuvering, that blouse comes off and with it, her bra. I think Ines¡¦ breasts are ideal. They are not overly large and are in perfect proportion to her body plus being full and quite round. I think she is very proud of them and I hope you enjoy them also. 
The Beautiful Lips of Monique

Did you ever get excited by a lady's lips? If so, this set  is just for you. After a long time, Monique has finally returned. As is her style, she poses and teases better than most. Here she is dressed in a red mini suit, black nylons and some fancy, strappy heels. Under it all are another strappy, sheer bra, a slightly jeweled garter belt and panties. As always, she teases until it is time to get rid of some things - like her bra followed shortly by the red skirt. Slowly Monique slips off her bra and displays those magnificent, bountiful breasts. I hope you have been keeping her lips in mind as she performs. You can feel the excitement and you can enjoy her facial expressions - she loves what she does  . .and what it does to you. Finally she stands before you in that fine lingerie outfit,  knowing she has provided a wealth of enjoyment - but keep those sensual lips in mind.
Who Needs A Fireplace??

Cold Angel is posing in front of a fireplace but you will not need it by the time she is finished with you (lol). Here is a knock-out lady who could warm up an Eskimo. The first thing you notice is that outstanding bust line. Her breasts are large and beautiful. Then come those long legs. The posing continues. As that blouse comes off, you can see what I mean - WOW! Are you warm yet - and the skirt is still on. But, it finally comes off - bra, panties and garter belt. But she is not finished with you. Step one, bra off - are those tits outrageous? Soon after, those panties leave also - heels and garter belt - who needs a fireplace with Cold Angel near? I'm sure you are enjoying beads of sweat as she finishes with you.
Anna Heats Up My Garden

Do you see that smile? Why? Because Anna knows she is going to blow you away in a few minutes. This woman is hot, she knows it and she loves to show it. She starts with a sweet series of poses in her heels, grey nylons, pearls, metallic skirt and flowing blouse. However she quickly spreads her gorgeous legs to show her white panties and garter straps - always a lure. Then the blouse goes away and she displays a sweet white bustier - more luring. Such great posing, Anna shows her legs, gets rid of the skirt and slowing allows us a view of one breast - what a tease. Soon they are both on display and her smiles are leading us to her finale. She slowly lowers her panties allowing them to rest sexily on her heels and we know what's coming.  Finally Anna presents her beautiful pussy and she knows we love it so she lingers for awhile. I love the way Anna puts on a show and I know you will also.
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 658 on 11th June 2018 Set 657 on 04th June 2018 Set 656 on 28th May 2018 Set 655 on 21th May 2018

Emjay - Framed in Beauty

Emjay has never been one to shy away from colors. Notice her hair, high heels and nail polish colors. Add to that, she is quite tall as you can estimate from the doorway. Having considered all, let's watch her posing. Reflections help to highlight the body under the red vinyl outfit. Eventually, after the cool gyrations, the zipper comes down on the red top. Under it, Emjay shows us her sweet breasts complete with erect nipples - always a joy to see. Soon the zipper on the skirt also comes down, allowing it to be tosses aside followed quickly and smoothly by her panties. Emjay rotates a bit to give us all a good view of her sleek body and then stops allowing a quick view of her treasure. I wonder what colors she will bring to us  on her next visit.

Art of Jay in My Playroom

At first glance, one would think that Art of Jay is a very conservative young lady, dressed in that print mini dress and wearing those pearls. But look further. The sight of the garter straps says differently. Jay poses very nicely, showing her classic model skills. But it doesn¡¦t take long before that dress goes away, leaving her in a fine black bra and very sexy black, lace trimmed garter belt plus, of course the black nylons and heels. She turns to allow us a full view and the begins to shed her bra. She conceals those beauties for a bit but finally her petite breasts are in full view. Now comes the sweetness as she slowly lowers those panties and toys with them. I¡¦m sure you¡¦ve enjoyed Art of Jay¡¦s show and you¡¦ll look forward to her return.

Morgan Blue at My Bar

Can you picture a couple of guys coming into my bar and encountering a lady dressed like Morgan Blue is? What an advertisement! But that is how she was dressed. And it was impressive. She is all about her posing today and she does that so well. This lady is truly a joy to watch. Her shows her body so very well and she is proud of it. She teases with bits of her body at a time. She shows those magnificent breasts ¡V just to give you a taste. Do you not enjoy the sight of those gorgeous globes? Then she turns and shows that sweet, nice rounded rear end. Eventually she lowers the panties. Now you can see what treasures she possesses. This fully naked lady must make you feel that my bar is the place to be for such beautiful women. Morgan will return!
Garden Glamour 

What can really spice up a garden area? Why, a touch of glamour, of course. Miss Marzipan adds that today. Her blouse also adds to the color of the garden, complementing the existing colors. Miss Marzipan is a well endowed, mature lady wearing that print blouse, black skirt, coffee RHT nylons and black heels. After some very neat posing, the blouse goes away and she is a study in black. Don't you love the looks of the straps on her twelve strap girdle? That garment is always exciting. Before long, the skirt disappears, followed shortly by her bra. This lady proudly shows her very sweet breasts and as the panties are also removed, Miss Marzipan completes the display of her wares. Sometimes I am  amazed by what goes on in my garden. Who knows who will be here next?
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 654 on 14th May 2018 Set 653 on 07th May 2018 Set 652 on 30th April 2018 Set 651 on 23th April 2018
Jen on the Landing

Some ladies have tattoos for the visual impact. Others have deeper reasons. Jen's tattoos reflect her diary. But under the tattoos there is a fine looking lady. She is not the skinny fashion model type. She is a full bodied gorgeous woman. With her light blonde hair, dark nylons and platform heels, the lady's appeal is obvious. Notice how her posing delights the eye. Eventually the white dress comes off and leaves Jen in a white shelf bra, holding her so beautiful breasts. She also presents us with her white 12 strap girdle, not a common article but always fashionable. I know you will be looking forward to more of Jen maybe to see what she has added to her diary.
Vanessa in My Living Room
Vanessa has the classic fashion model body. She is long and slender and presents  a fine appearance. Those long brown tresses fall nicely on her shoulders. That multi-colored dress, the nylons and those sexy heels all add to the appeal. Notice how well she poses on the credenza. Soon her hands go behind her back and the dress slowly drops to the floor. Her black lingerie makes quite an impact and now the classic model body is in full view. Finally Vanessa lowers the ultra shear teddy and does a sultry rotation to show off her fantastic body. I'm sure the view of a classic model, without the various outfits, gives us a better appreciation for their tall, slender bodies.
Kami Reappears in Her Doorway 

Settings for photos are very important. Kami loves to use my doors, a natural frame,  as her background. She is using a shear mini robe to hide her lingerie but we'll get to that soon. Black nylons and clear platform heels complete the picture. The little lady poses well and once that huge belt comes off, the show begins.  Kami teases now but eventually the mini robe goes away and she displays her black and red bra, panties and garter belt. Now you have a view of her fine body and when she reaches behind to undo her bra, can you feel your heartbeats increasing? Kami is very well endowed and she knows by her smiles that her very full breasts can excite anyone. And now the panties fall to the floor and the vision is complete. I'm sure you'll agree that Kami's magnificent body deserves to be 'framed'.
Dessert is Served - Marisa 

There is something to be said about tall models. Their stature leads to such  graceful performances. Marisa is just that and she poses so very well. You must notice the lady's legs - long, shapely and very attractive in her RHT nylons. And that is only the beginning. A grey dress and white long sleeved sweater start the visions in my kitchen. She gets right to business as she shows off those legs. She quickly moves the outfit to show what's underneath and almost immediately drops the top of the dress to display her gorgeous, well shaped breasts. Soon the dress is gone and Marisa turns slowly to show us all of that luscious body. Hopefully you notice her winning smiles. She slowly removes her panties and leaves us with the vision of a beautiful, long haired woman in just her sweater, garterbelt and heels. Could anything be better? Is she not a fine dessert?
Preview/Vorschaubilder here
Set 650 on 16th April 2018 Set 649 on 09th April 2018 Set 648 on 02th April 2018 Set 647 on 26th March 2018
Nina Make the Garden Look Better 

A well kept garden is a thing of beauty. However when you add a beautiful woman to it, the garden takes on a new appeal. So it is when Nina returned after a very long absence. This woman always looks spectacular. Notice the  outfit, notice all the jewelry, notice the fine legs but be wary of her heels. I know you enjoy her excellent  posing but notice how her facial effects add so much. But now, her belt is coming off followed very slowly, as is her custom of teasing, by her black top. Nina's body is quite a work of art as is apparent as she stands in her black bra, garter belts and panties. The bra finally goes away slowly and Nina presents her beautiful breasts, highlighted by jeweled necklace. I'm sure you enjoy Nina's return as much as I do. . . I'm sure we'll see more of her soon.
Annalie Takes Over My Bar

I really enjoy having people sitting at my bar. My red headed, pouty mouthed friend, Annalie, is gracing the bar today. You'll notice she is busy showing off her legs and you might also notice the absence of panties under her dress. She is becoming a daring young lady. After a little adjusting, she begins to unzip the dress. As the top comes down, Annalie treats us to her sweet breasts, nestled in her shelf bra. Don't they look delicious as she leans forward - very nice. I keep thinking how fine they are in several positions. She then flips the dress off to the side and stands in her black and red girdle and that shelf bra. I think she's loving her posing. Finally she sits back on the stool and shows us her gorgeous pussy - no panties for Annalie today, it's show off time and she shows that pussy very well.  I'll bet she'll be a lot more daring in the next visit. Let's hope so!
My Friend, Lady Barbara,  Well Known Domina

I sometimes call on Lady Barbara for a photo shoot. We've done some in the past. The lady sure has some stories to tell but not for here. This time she is not displaying many of her 'tools of the trade', only herself and what is behind her on the walls. She looked quite business-like in a black leather bustier, garter belt, black elbow length gloves,  black nylons and heels. Again, she maintained her business attitude ¡V there were no smiles but she  definitely does draw attention. Aside from the way she showed off her legs, you can certainly tell she has a fine body and huge breasts. I¡¦m sure that the lure of that body has caused some very interesting sessions with this lady, especially when she is not working.
Born to Be Framed for Beauty

Whenever Miss Undercover visits me, I know I'm in for some hot and hectic photo taking. She is a camera nut, loves to be out in front of it. You can tell that from the way she looks and poses. With just her black jacket and huge buckle on, you certainly can see what's coming. The lady looks delicious in her blue bra and panties plus the red RHT nylons and black heels. Finally the bra comes off and we enjoy her sweet breasts - does she enjoy showing them off? You bet she does. Finally the panties go to the floor and we have Miss Undercover uncovered and nicely framed in the doorway. Notice how she turns around so we get the full effect - such a fine bum. The lady loves to please and I know she had that effect on you.
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Set 646 on 19th March 2018 Set 645 on 12th March 2018 Set 644 on 05th March 2018 Set 643 on 26 th February 2018
My Couch Potato in Red And Black

They say first impressions are lasting. Well Angelina's impression should stay with you for some time. There she sits on the couch dressed in a short red top, red panties, red nylons and heels and jet black hair. She should have your attention now but more is coming. Her posing is excellent and she soon gets to remove that red top. Under it, you see a matching red bustier. She teases us with fixing her hair, showing off her fine legs, her red RHT nylons and neat red heels. But eventually she gets down to business. She stands up slowly, drops the top of the bustier and shows us her  absolutely delightful, well rounded breasts. Notice how long it takes to get rid of the panties? She knows we are waiting and finally her sweet pussy is on display. What do you think of the final photo? You know you would love to have Angelina on your couch dressed like that. Watch for her again.
Brazilian Bombshell

My Brazilian lady friend, Denise, has returned after all this time and is she looking great.  In her black mini, black nylons and heels and her long black tresses, she turned  my stairway into a runway. Add to that her pearl enhanced panties peeking out and you know she is hot. And those long, slender legs so help to create the beauty that she is. After considerable posing, things start to come off. Denise displays her sweet breasts and perky nipples nestled in that shelf bra, the dress comes off as do the panties. Don't you love the tease as the panties are slowly removed. Those pearls are so sweet. I'm sure the final photo of this spectacular woman will leave you just aching for more. We'll see!!!
Natalia is All Fired Up

Somehow I do not think that Natalia will need that stove to warm you up. She brings  all the fire you'll need. I know that red mini dress and pearls have caught your eyes and she has more to give you. It is obvious that Natalia loves to show off her gorgeous legs . . and that's not all. Soon she pulls that dress over her head and shows herself all  in white and from every angle - now you're getting warm. It's time for that bra to go away and she does so very slowly, letting her body warm you further. Finally she displays her sweet, perky breasts with her full, dark areolas followed closely by her panties. Now it's hot - and not by that stove. I'm sure you will agree that the lady is stunning in her white suspender belt, heels and pearls.

And Her Hair Hung Down in Ringlets  

I always look forward to Sandy coming to visit. The lady is a delight and I just love her curly hair. She looks just fabulous in her black jacket and mini skirt. Add in the black nylons and heels and the picture is fine. Plus, under the jacket is a black fashionable bra top. Sandy loves to pose and she gives us a good show before getting rid of her bra. Isn't she a tease? As she teases us before displaying those honey breasts, she makes sure we know how sweet her legs are. Those black nylons sure add to the look. Finally the skirt and panties go away. Sandy is still showing off her beautiful breasts and she knows we love them - notice her smiling face throughout the session. I hope you are looking forward to her next visit as much as I am.
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Set 642 on 19 th February 2018 Set 641 on 12 th February 2018 Set 640 on 05 th February 2018 Set 639 on 29 th January 2018
Beauty in Black Pinstripes

Black pinstripe jackets generally spell trouble. But in this case, the stripes are on Dori and she is far from trouble. This is one fine looking redhead, dressed in black - for starters. She has always enjoyed posing for me and she continues nicely. Soon she sheds her jacket, closely followed by her skirt, leaving us dazzled  while she poses in her blue bra and thong. You should note her fine legs, adorned by the black nylons and black heels. You must admit that Dori makes a stunning appearance both dressed and undressed. She knows what she has inside that bra and teases us before displaying those stunning breasts. I'm sure you are very pleased with the view - and Dori certainly enjoys your approval.
The  Magnificent Monique

It has been a while since Monique's last visit. She liked the brickwork on the outside stairs so we started there, but she was already ahead for us - dressed 'only' in a wide garter belt, bra, nylons and heels - tease that she is. Don't you love that long blonde hair - and her gorgeous lips. And what about the leopard shawl? The lady poses well for us, always pleasing to our eyes. Notice how she concentrates on drawing our attention to her bra - I'm sure you know why. More teasing and posing but soon she displays her magnificent breasts - she is so proud of those breasts and the huge areolae, I'm sure you will agree they are beautiful. And now, after all the other shots, she decides to cover her pussy but, happily for us, she is too late.
Turning Up the Heat

Believe me, there is nothing cold about this Angel. Names are sometimes deceiving, hers is NOT. By the time this set is finished, you will know what heat this lady generates. Cold Angel is spectacular in her red dress. This is no skinny teen-ager, this is a voluptuous woman. When she goes through her posing, you know good things are coming. She takes awhile to get rid of the dress but under it is all red again except for the black RHT nylons. Then she dazzles us with her beautiful breasts. They can make your mouth water and she is proud of them. The lady is also proud of her sweet, well rounded derriere which she displays so nicely. Now!! Was I correct? Can Cold Angel turn up the heat? She sure can!
My Bar Welcomes Cladi

It has been awhile since this lady sat at my bar. Now she is back and wearing a fantastic red mini suit and . .  is pantie-less - what a welcomed surprise. Having mentioned that, she is also wearing red nylons and red heels with white piping. Sitting at a normal bar like that would certainly draw attention. I hope you all are very attentive as she continues. After some serious posing, the jacket and blouse disappear leaving Cladi in a very fine shelf bra with her tits just aching to pop out. But first the skirt needs to go away and that leaves Cladi in nothing more than her suspenders, bra, nylons and heels. Now that is what I call a fantastic advertisement for my bar. I need beautiful displays like Cladi.
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Set 638 on 22 th January 2018 Set 637 on 15 th January 2018 Set 636 on 08 th January 2018 Set 635 on 01 th January 2018
The Invitation on the Blue Couch

You can always count on X-trem Girl to be a little unusual. Notice the vinyl outfit she is wearing. Also notice the unusual heel / boots combination. After doing some posing and showing off her straps, the lady assumes a reclining position on that blue couch. Then the fun begins. She begins to shed her clothing starting with the zippered skirt, how nice. Oh, doesn't the lady look inviting? Just wait! She then unzips the top and opens it wide. Is this an invitation? What is running through your mind now. From the look on her face, you can have it all. I'd say the same things are running through her mind.
Excitement in White

My red room is the scene of an exciting addition. Fantasy, dressed entirely in white, is here to jar you all. Does she not stand out at that red wall? The outfit is dazzling - that dress is pure sexy . . but so is Fantasy. She slowly removes the dress and leaves us with another gorgeous view - white bustier, panties, nylons and heels - is she not outrageous? But so quickly, those panties come off - now the fun begins. Notice the cool art work on her body but notice too that jeweled pussy. She then lowers the bustier and exposes her fantastic breasts and pierced nipples. So there is the vision. You must agree that, with the bright jewelry, colorful tattoos, all white outfit coupled with a fantastic body, Fantasy DOES make an impression.
The Redhead in My Winter Garden

I love it when the Redhead comes to do sets. I was impressed by her outfit when she entered the winter garden room. What a fine black print dress she was wearing. Add to that all her black accessories, heels and coffee colored nylons. The lady can make an entrance. Notice how she keeps showing her legs and garter straps - what a tease - but good things are coming. Ah, here comes the fancy lingerie. The lacy panties are the first to go. She loves what she does and she shows it all. Do you think the Redhead loves to show her sweet pussy - I'd say so. So now she begins to move the bustier to show off her tasty breasts, one of which is pierced. After such a show of beauty, the Redhead decides to stretch out in that chair. She's entitled since she put on a fabulous show - not only her fine body but her very tasty goodies also. Did you notice  all the smiles as she  performed. She did well!
A Study in Black and White

Lady Absinthe is the study. Take a look - long black hair, black finger nail polish and black nylons vs. white heels, white dress, white panties and white bustier - what could be nicer? On top of that, the lady is downright gorgeous. She poses well in that chair in the garden and soon begins to shed the dress. So far she looks delicious but it gets better as she slowly removes the white panties. Now that she is on her feet, we get to see how spectacular that body is and she shows it off so well. It's now time to show off the breasts. Absinthe slowly lowers the top of the bustier and treats us to her beautiful orbs. She is spectacular in the bustier but so much better with it lowered. Notice the pierced nipple and all her tattoos. She is definitely a modern woman . . and a beautiful one at that. Is she not a sight to behold? I say 'YES'
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