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  Cold Angel Is Not . . . . . .

Do NOT let the name fool you. There is absolutely nothing cold about this angel. Right from the start, she hooks you with her posing, which she carries all the way through the shoot. And you can tell she loves what she does by all the smiles. But she hooked you with her instantaneous display of her sexy underwear plus her luscious body. And then the dress is gone and Cold Angel starts the show. You will soon realize what she is so proud of and it only takes a quick glimpse of a nipple. Once the bra is unhooked, it becomes obvious. You will remember these magnificent breasts for a long time. Now the question is, when will she return?

Marisa by the Sliding Door

I am always pleased and impressed when Marisa comes to visit. This lady is always smiling and very beautiful. Wearing a gray dress, nude rht nylons and tan heels, Marisa certainly draws your attention. Her posing definitely shows she knows her way around a camera. It doesnt take her long to lower the top of that dress, exposing her exquisitely well formed breasts. Its easy to see that she is do proud of her gorgeous legs. They are so well shaped, about perfectly you might say. And now, with the dress gone, is not her body a thing of perfection? Then she slowly removes her panties and the vision is complete. I am positive you enjoyed her presentation and look forward to her return.

The Beautiful Blonde In The Garden

That beautiful blonde is Nina, back for another photo shoot. Looking very fine dressed all in red, she certainly adds a little something to the garden. Nina loves her posing and you will note that she can surely show off her wares well. But eventually the red dress meets the ground, leaving the lady in her gorgeous black and red lingerie. Now, very slowly the bra comes off and her spectacular, full breasts and succulent nipples are in full view. That vision of followed shortly as the panties are also discarded. Now the full views are available V this lady is truly magnificent! 

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Angelina is Cornered

It seems that the ladies like the corner on the stairs to the basement V good idea. Angelina is the one cornered today. Dressed in white with hints of fine lingerie, she looks quite appealing. Her hair and jewelry contrast nicely with the outfit. After posing for awhile, Angelina shows us an attractive twelve strap girdle which should stir some interest immediately. Angelina is off to a great start. And as the gown comes off, the view gets better. I think you will enjoy how she uses two stair steps now. It is also time now to display those magnificent breasts. Are they not gorgeous to view? Now it is time to relax a bit so a seat on the stairs is welcomed . . . and presents a fine view which I know you are enjoying.

My Friend, Denise, Has Returned

After quite some time away, my friend, Denise, has become a regular visitor. Her photo sets are always exciting. This time, she is wearing a very shimmering black mini dress with a brief top, black nylons, gray heels and dont forget the pearls . As always, Denise loves to show her body so posing is her specialty. Soon the top comes off and the mini is lowers displaying her erect nipples peeking out of the shelf bra. And now, as the mini comes off, Denise shows her other pearls, but only for a few minutes as she now puts her sweet pussy on display. Im sure Denises gorgeous body and face have excited you. Look for her again soon.

Happiness in a Beautiful Package

The initial photo always sets the pace. Miss Undercover is stunning in this photo and as she goes on, you will notice the fine posing, the smiles of pleasure, the happiness that she performs with and the beauty of this lady. Notice the long hair, the strings of black pearls and that fine dark gray mini dress. Add to all that, those fine legs encased in red nylons and black T-strap heels. You cant help but be drawn to this beauty. But then she gets down to business as she almost rips the mini from her body. Now comes the teasing as she hides those honey breasts after shedding her bra. Finally she displays them V totally outstanding. Then, off come the panties and there stands Miss Undercover with no cover. I know you enjoyed this set and will be looking for her return.

Doorway to Desire

I am so tickled that my sexy, Show-off friend, Anna, has returned. This lady can truly put on a show. As you will notice, she loves her posing and teasing. Eventually, the black dress goes away and she teases us with bra play. But it too goes away as Anna shows off those amazingly beautiful breasts. Notice how full they are. But the best is yet to come. She lowers those panties and the show begins. Im sure you will all be totally pleased as she begins to display that beautiful hanging pussy. So do you think she loves to show off? I submit that Anna loves to show it all!

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Natalie in My Dining Area

Natalie has finally returned and took a position in my dining area for some photos. The lady is dressed in black- mini dress, nylons and heels, and with her dark hair presents a sultry lady. As you can tell, she loves to show off her fine legs. Natalie shows some fine poses before she gets down to business. Finally, she starts to show some very nice lingerie as she sheds the dress. Lifting her bra over her head, she displays her spectacular breasts and large areolae. Natalie is very comfortable as she shows her breasts and finally removes her panties for a delightful view of a fine looking lady.

The Brown Tresses Are Back 

Oh, those brown tresses are back. 7-Eye has returned for another photo shoot. Her black mini suit, nylons and heels work well with my red room. She is also wearing a stunning black bra and shows it off very well before slowly removing it and displaying her gorgeous, bountiful breasts. 7-Eye does a magnificent job of showing off her body and eventually sheds her panties also. Im sure you feel as I do that this lady has a terrific body, is gorgeous to look at and does a fantastic job of posing. Are you looking forward to her return?

Izzy By the Fireplace

I do believe Izzy can do more to warm you up than any fireplace. She makes a fine appearance on that white fur rug with her black outfit and very long, braided brown hair. Youll also notice many tattoos that she is quite proud of. She deftly got rid of the dress and youll be pleased by her very shapely body and fine legs. Her poses are very well done and now she reveals her sweet breasts for your delight. Notice the pierced and jeweled nipple and if you look closely, youll spot another jewel when Izzy sheds her panties. Im sure youll agree that this small package, at 54, is extremely pleasing to your eyes and that she enjoys showing off her legs and tattoos.

A Visit to Fantasy Land  

If you are looking for a dream lady, look no further. Here is Fantasy! She can be everything to you. Here she entices you with her good looks and black mini dress V but it doesnt last long. Fantasy is very quick to rid herself of the dress and show you the rest of her, a true delight. She slows down to give you a good view in her red bustier followed by slow removal of her panties. She adds more fantasy as she shows you her precious jeweled pussy. Hypnotized as you are by her jewels, she adds to the fantasy by lowering the bustier and showing her gorgeous, well-rounded breasts with more jewelry in her nipples. And now, Fantasy displays all her fine jewelry to complete your trip to that fantasy land.

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Set 695 on 25th February 2019 Set 694 on 18th February 2019 Set 693 on 11th February 2019 Set 692 on 04th February 2019
The Room Heater is Not Necessary

X- trem Girl is sitting in front of the room heater but it makes no difference. She is the source of heat in this room. Her posing begins slowly but accelerates nicely. The lady shows her legs well. In that outfit, the black nylons surely highlight her legs. But soon the heat increases as the lady removes the red vinyl top and displays her perfectly rounded, full breasts. Are you seeing the pierced nipple, exciting as they both are? By now, you have noticed the pretty black landing strip under the skirt. Yes, her sweet pussy is nicely exposed. Ah, wearing only her garter belt, nylons and red heels presents such a hot portrait. Why would you need the room heater?

Red is the Color of the Day

Red is the Color of the Day The Red One has returned and I welcome her back. Wearing a white pleated dress, nude nylons, and yellow heels, she certainly catches your eye. Add to that lots of garter straps showing lead you in another direction. The lady loves to pose and she does it so well. Notice the sultry head movements, the many positions plus that fine long red hair. Then notice the legs and the fine derriere. Now comes the excitement as she pulls the dress over her head, exposing her delicious breasts. What a delightful pose with the bustier pulled down. The lady knows her poses. The breasts are bare again and now the panties go away. Bustier, nylons, and heels V the best of all world as she smiles V she knows you love it. She continues her posing but do you not love her pretty face?

Dark Impressions

Well, Lady Absinthe makes a return appearance. This lady is always a study in black. And why not, notice the very long black hair. - how fitting for her Gothic styling. Her outfit is a black vinyl mini dress, black vinyl stockings and double buckled black heels. What is also apparent is the material around her neck. As she opens the dress, we see a very strappy black bustier type garment. Those breasts are truly fine but how does she keep those nipples covered? Soon the panties are lowered and discarded and the Lady now begins the difficult task of un-doing the straps on the bustier. While this happens those gorgeous breasts are again displayed V plus the delicious rest of her. Lady Absinthes outfits are always interesting but this one is a little more involved than others V but the end result is one fine looking lady

Maryfary in My Living Room

Isnt it amazing how sexy a woman can be while in a recliner? Maryfary only got up once to adjust herself . . .but WOW! Dressed in a white mini suit, coffee nylons and white strap heels, she immediately grasps your attention. She knows her legs are tantalizing so she shows them off before unbuttoning her jacket and showing her white long line bra. Now its time to shed the skirt and youll notice panties are absent. Next the bra is lowered displaying a magnificent pair of succulent breasts. So there she sits, clad on a lowered bra, nylons heels and pearls, plus a beautiful face. What could be better . . or sexier?

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Set 691 on 28th January 2019 Set 690 on 21th January 2019 Set 689 on 14th January 2019 Set 688 on 07th January 2019
The Stairway to Paradise

Dressed in a red vinyl two piece outfit, black nylons and red heels, Lusia Diamont makes quite a dramatic entry on my stairway. The lady makes it a point to show off her legs before she shows her wares. She deliberately stalls getting her top off but then she shows her fine breasts resting in a black shelf bra. Those bras always are exciting as they appear. Soon the skirt is unzipped and discarded. Now comes the fun of unhooking the nylons. But she finishes quickly and sheds the panties with a sexy kick to get rid of them. Lusia takes this opportunity to show off her sweet, so well rounded derriere before turning to face the camera allowing us a delicious view of this delightful naked lady in heels.

Ines in My Study

So we were sitting in my study right now and Ines was playing with her little computer. As you may notice, she felt very comfortable and wore very little as usual. She suggested performing only a body study of her. She showed her legs, many garter straps, her clothing, her black nylons and heels, her smiling face and other body parts, which are very nice, you could say. Ines did some teasing shots of her legs and garters and finally began to remove her top to show off her beautiful breasts and fine nipples. Things got exciting as she teased us and displayed her breasts from different angles. Well, those sweet breasts were on display for the rest of the photo set. Ines is pretty proud of them. And I think you enjoyed them too.
Eva in My Red Room

Dressed in a fine black two piece outfit, black nylons and gray heels, my Italian friend Eva Kisimova, makes a gorgeous first impression. And when she unbuttons that jacket, the fullness of those breasts can jar a person. The lady is definitely put together well. She also deftly shows us the twelve strap girdle she is wearing. Then the skirt begins to fall and we now see this lovely lady in her bra and girdle and thats all V magnificent! Now the bra begins to fall. Well Im sure you have been waiting for those breasts to appear and there they are. Considering the body, the legs, those hips and breasts, is there any doubt that Eva is a startlingly beautiful woman? Im sure you are already waiting for her return appearance.

Monique Posing in My Conservatory

My first impression of Monique is her luscious lips. They can be a distraction but she has other distractions to show you. My conservatory is quite comfortable and she takes good advantage of it to do lots of teasing poses. As you see, under that red outfit are some outstanding lingerie. Also in view are her nylons and some clever strappy platform heels plus some attractive black pearls. Well the outfit was positioned to allow teasing views of her breasts and inner leg area and she shows them well. But finally she rises from that chair, sheds the suit and finally lets those massive tits loose. What a display V they are outstanding and she knows it. I know you are pleased with them and Im sure she will display more another time but you can get the impression of that sweet pussy through the super shear panties.

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