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      Set 760 on 25th May 2020
      The Stairway to Heaven

It¡¦s only a stairway to the lower level but Cold Angel sure changes it into a stage. Dressed all in red, this lady certainly causes the blood to flow. And look at those fantastic legs and heels. It doesn¡¦t take long before that dress goes away ¡V and the fun begins. You will have to wait a bit for those magnificent breasts to be unwrapped but first the panties fall to the ground and are discarded. The view so far is pure delight. Say good-bye to the bra ¡V those delicious orbs are in full view. The lady spins around and that smile tells you she loves to show herself off. And I know that she has pleased you ¡¥totally¡¦.

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Set 759 on 18th May 2020 Set 758 on 11th May 2020 Set 757 on 04th May 2020 Set 756 on 27th April 2020
Red Hair, Blue Eyes

If you enjoy flaming redheads, The Red One is ideal today. My garden is certainly an appropriate place for this set. The Red One begins quickly, removing the red blouse followed by her bra. That big smile says she knows you like her sweet titties. She enjoys posing as you can tell before she gets to removing her skirt. Do you enjoy her legs? Plus you know she is proud of her rear end and she shows it well before slowly removing her panties. What better outfit is there than 'just' a multiple strap garter belt, nylons and heels? All the posing can tire a lady quickly so it¡¦s relaxation time. Wouldn¡¦t this lady look good in your garden?

The Lady in Black Returns

After a considerably long time, Lady Absinthe returns and is gracing my winter garden. As always, she is completely in black. Notice the vinyl stockings and highly unusual heels. Posing is a must but soon that mini dress is unzipped and goes away. You might find her strap undergarment to be quite unusual but it does support her breasts even if only holding her nipples in place. With a simple unhooking behind the neck, Absinthe begins to loosen all those straps. It must be a struggle to put that garment on and it looks difficult to remove so it stays lowered but a happy sight is her panties resting on those spectacular heels. As she rises from the chair, you now get the full impact of this lovely lady even through the clever straps.

My Cabinet Decoration

My living room cabinet really needed sprucing up. Maryfary sure solved that problem. Comfortably seated on that cabinet, she definitely improved the view. Maryfary is wearing a very sexy, and quite revealing, black mesh mini skirt that she soon discards. Bra and garter belt is all that is left. What a tease, taking so long to shed that bra - but she finally does and shows off her so nicely rounded breasts - such a delight. Back on the cabinet, Maryfary displays all her charms for our pleasure and I'm sure she provided a pleasant visit for all. I hope you are looking forward to her next visit.

Lucia Diamond¡V A Study in Black

My blonde friend, Lucia Diamond, wears black today. She appears quite comfortable, showing off her legs and posing sweetly. Eventually the zipper on her vinyl dress comes down, the dress comes off leaving her in a very interesting black, strappy bustier. After loosening the straps, Lucia lower the top exposing her very beautiful breasts. After un-snapping her garter belt, it is next to go away. Finally Lucia removes her bustier and displays her unadorned body. The lady removed a lot of black but I¡¦m sure you will agree that the final vision is just excellent.

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Set 755 on 20th April 2020 Set 754 on 13th April 2020 Set 753 on 06th April 2020 Set 752 on 30th March 2020
What¡¦s a Guest House For??

Well, Ines was at a pretty wild party and she is staying in my guest house for the night. Making good use of it, we did photos. Ines was quite over-dressed for the occasion but that didn¡¦t last long. Did you notice the garter straps and the big boobs under that outfit. So away goes the dress and there they are. The lady still can tease and while giving us a peek under the twelve strap garter, she also treats us to her gorgeous orbs. Ines always enjoys her time before the camera and always treats her viewers well. With a body like hers you can¡¦t help but enjoy the lady.

Eva in My Kitchen   

My kitchen got super hot the minute Eva entered and you are about to see why. Your first impression is Eve raising her skirt. Does that attract your attention? It should. Those straps will be visible for the whole set. Plus the straps, what about those beautiful legs? Here is a lady who can truly get your blood boiling. Now come another fine view, the jacket comes off and she gives us her magnificent orbs, residing peacefully in that shelf bra. Here is quite a study in symmetry ¡V fine legs, long-waisted body, gorgeous breasts and a beautiful face. Can things get any better? I think not!

With Spring Comes Monique

Spring brings out the beauty of my garden and Monique certainly adds to that beauty. I¡¦m sure you can remember the beautiful face, the long blonde hair and those fabulous, kissable lips. Monique is already in her black lingerie, nylons and heels. As always, her posing is meant to whet your appetite. Eventually the leopard robe disappears and you are treated to that magnificent body including her most outstanding breasts. Soon the bra straps are loosened and they are in full view. Are they not beautiful? Now, in only her garter belt, you get the full impact of what Monique has to offer. Aren¡¦t those lips just begging to be kissed?

Amber in the Red Room

Just notice how Amber stands out against my red wall. Her suntan and black outfit certainly jump out at you ¡V plus those beautiful lips. Obviously the open jacket tells you she is pleased with her bust line. Oh, how she can tease. Now with the jacket and skirt gone, you can see what beauty was behind them ¡V the nice legs, sweet hip line, fine black lingerie. It¡¦s time for the bra to go away and now you know why she is pleased with those gorgeous, upstanding breasts. Don¡¦t they deserve to be on display? Delicately she now sheds the panties and the total impact is immense. Amber displays her magnificent body and I¡¦m sure you now agree that she should be pleased with herself.

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Set 751 on 23th March 2020 Set 750 on 16th March 2020 Set 749 on 09th March 2020 Set 748 on 02th March 2020
Beauty at My Bar

It seems my bar attracts beautiful women. Anna is one of them and I¡¦m so pleased she returns often ¡V and I know you are also. Dressed in white, the lady seems so proper but that will disappear soon. It doesn¡¦t take much posing before Anna begins to get rid of her outfit. The bustier top gets rolled down and she shows off those honey breasts. You must admit they are gorgeous, so round and firm. Just a bit more posing, showing a fine derriere, before those panties go away. Now the picture is complete. The lady loves to show her charms and she does so very well and often. Don¡¦t you wish you could spend a little time with her at my bar?

Jenes Hangs Out in My Garden

Happily, Jenes has returned for another photo shoot. I¡¦m sure she has added a few more tattoos as I suggested last time. This time she is totally relaxed in my garden. Dressed all in white, and not at all bashful, the lady displays some of what is under that dress. The twelve straps sure give a clue. After considerable posing, Jenes sheds the dress and shows her sweet boobs nestled in a shelf bra. You will note  she has no tattoos on her back yet as she removes the bra. And now, as she stretches out in her chair, you get the full impact of this lady's magnificent body. She does a final slow spin for our enjoyment. Just notice the perfect hip line, the fine legs and then soak in the beauty of this gorgeous woman.

A Masterpiece of Tease

Today my friend, Cold Angel will give a lesson in ¡¥tease¡¦. Notice how she masterfully allows glimpses of what you are waiting for ¡V the legs, the bra straps, the garter straps ¡V all so well done., and with such smiles and eye contact. But finally, she gives in and sheds that dress. There you have it! Cold Angel slowly releases those glorious globes. Was it worth the tease? Is she not a spectacular vision and is she pleased that you are enjoying her? She stands before you and lays her beauty out before you. I think this woman demands your admiration. Can you deny it?

Too Few and Far Between

The title aptly describes Megan¡¦s visits. But she¡¦s here now for your visual enjoyment. It doesn¡¦t take long to realize what is under that white dress and Megan will show you quickly. Her pink shorty outfit leaves very little to the imagination. Megan lowers her top and display for you her absolutely magnificent breasts including one pierced nipple. But it doesn¡¦t stop there. After some sweet posing, pink panties fall to the floor. And now you have gathered Megan in ¡V the beautiful face and hair, the outstanding breasts, the sweet pussy, those legs and the over-all classic body lines. I know her return has had a lasting effect on you. She¡¦ll be back!

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Set 747 on 24th February 2020 Set 746 on 17th February 2020 Set 745 on 10th February 2020 Set 744 on 03th February 2020
Martha Going Downstairs

It certainly has been a while since Martha¡¦s last visit and we welcome her back. Again, she likes the landing on the basement stairs. But she went to work quickly. After a brief bit of posing, Martha got rid of that sweet red mini and teased us with her red shelf bra before removing it completely and displaying her absolutely gorgeous breasts and erect nipples. The young lady looks delightful in her panties, garter belt, nylons, and heels. The body is a delight as are the legs . . and face. Take a second to check her beautiful lips. Are they totally kissable, or what? Hope she returns soon, don¡¦t you?

The Conservatory Art of Jay

Well, how is this for an opening photo? Got your attention? Art of Jay is back and resting in my conservatory. What a tease she is, dropping that bra strap then shedding her red top. Such a fine looking woman she is, now wearing her black bra and black undies. As she poses, she discards the bra, displaying her fine, classic breasts. Soon after, more posing results in her panties going away leaving her six strap garter belt. The lady certainly presents a gorgeous portrait. Would you care to join her now?

Miss Marzipan Downstairs

What¡¦s the first thing you think of when you spot many black garter straps peeking from under a skirt? Good things are coming ¡V right? And here comes Miss Marzipan downstairs showing her straps. She is ¡¥looking good¡¦ as she hikes up her skirt and continues to pull her blouse over her head. Quickly the lady sheds her bra and treats us to her sweet boobs. She likes showing them and then gets rid of that skirt. She still has one trick left as she deftly drops her panties. I¡¦d say she is tickled to display herself in that twelve strap girdle. Don¡¦t you agree?

Nastasy By My Fireplace

That fireplace is not really necessary. Natasty brings all the heat that is needed. This lady is totally appealing in her red open crotch mini jumpsuit. You¡¦ll note that her posing is quite unique. You will also notice she enjoys showing us her sweet derriere. But wait ¡Vthe posing slows as Nastasy quickly lowers the top of the jumpsuit and displays her spectacular breasts, a feast for the eyes. Now her posing takes on a new dimension ¡V her breasts are just gorgeous. She knows you are enjoying them. I¡¦m sure you¡¦ll be looking forward to Nastasy¡¦s return soon.

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Set 743 on 27th January 2020 Set 742 on 20th January 2020 Set 741 on 13th January 2020 Set 740 on 06th January 2020
Red and Black Always Work Well

And my friend, 7-Eye, proves this. What a great presentation she makes dressed in black with that red jacket. And that hair ¡V just wow! The lady is comfortable on the couch, posing nicely while showing off her legs and those interesting heels ¡V and slowly getting rid of the jacket. Eventually, it is gone and she teases us before shedding her bra. Now those magnificent breasts are in full view ¡V and is she proud of them? Finally, she unfastens the snaps on her girdle and throws it to the side. There is plenty of room on that couch, room for you to join 7-Eye. Interested??

Vanessa in My Living Room

I always point out that Vanessa has the classic fashion model body. But fortunately, she is also a bit of an exhibitionist as you can tell by how quickly that orange outfit disappears. What does the black hair, black lingerie, nylons, fluffy mules plus pearls do for you? Quite a change, I¡¦d say. Now the exhibitionist comes out as the bra slowly is removed, displaying her petite breasts complete with gorgeous dark areolae. Panties come next and Vanessa¡¦s portrait is complete. I¡¦d say her long, slender body on that credenza certainly presents a most appealing image in your mind. Don¡¦t you agree?

I¡¦ll Take Door Number Two

And by that door is the gorgeous Kami. What are the first things you notice ¡V absolutely outstanding legs, a very pretty face, great hair, and massive breasts? After some posing, the mesh top is removed and the view gets better. As she rolls the bra top down, you are dazzled by those beautiful, large breasts. Is Kami not superb? And now, the panties go away and Kami presents herself magnificently - heels, nylons and garter belt. What could be more beautiful? I know you are impressed by this staggering young lady
Tammy in My Winter Garden

The new year welcomes Tammy to my winter garden. Please enjoy her posing as she shows off those fantastic legs. The zipper is down now and the mini is coming off. Is she not put together perfectly and plus her face is gorgeous. You realize that she is very proud of those legs and that pride carries over to her magnificent breasts as she springs them loose from her bra. After shedding her panties, Tammy goes back to relaxing and showing off her legs again. We surely will see more of her next time.

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