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  Set 822 17th October 2021 Set 821 10th October 2021 Set 820 on 01th October 2021
Cold Angel in my Guest Room

The lady seems in a playful mood. That scant outfit sure helps. Already you want to see under it. And what posing! Cold Angel seductively shows all her moves but eventually that dress comes off. After more posing comes the dramatic bra removal but well worth the wait. Are those orbs not totally gorgeous and very ample? And, in case you hadn¡¦t noticed, there never were any panties. Cold Angel knows how to please and I¡¦m sure you¡¦ll agree that she did. This lady is always outstandingly beautiful.

Miss Marzipan on My Cellar Stairs

There is just something about maturity. Miss Marzipan is the classic example of mature beauty. Watch as she provokes your imagination with her posing. You can¡¦t wait to see what is under that black outfit. And now the disrobing begins. The garter straps become more visible, followed by the garter belt, then the bra that she slowly removes exposing her ample orbs ¡V notice the smiles. She knows you are enjoying her performance. Finally she completes the picture as she removed the garter belt. You now have that mature beauty ¡V enjoy her!!!

My Living Room Welcomes 7-Eye

Those curly tresses belong to the gorgeous 7-Eye. Dressed in a red vinyl jacket and black skirt, the lady presents a superb view. Notice the jacket doesn¡¦t last long. Now you get to admire those ample breasts. After some rear views, that bra goes away completely. Notice those fine legs. Now the picture is completing. 7-Eye is far from bashful. She removes the skirt with a flurry and displays all of her fine body for your viewing pleasure . . and I¡¦d suggest the lady is a total sensual pleasure.

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Set 819 on 10th September 2021 Set 818 on 01th August 2021 Set 817 on 28th June 2021 Set 816 on 21th June 2021
Olga is Being Framed September

Doorways are so convenient. Olga enhances this doorway as I knew she would. This lady is truly outstanding ¡V notice that long flowing hair. You¡¦ll note that she loves to show off her legs, including a tease of her garter straps. But she does know that it gets to be time for more skin. The lady does a nice job of removing her outfit. The black lingerie looks gorgeous and she takes the time to present, for your viewing pleasure, her outstanding derriere. Olga is truly well put together. Finally the bra and panties go away and she presents her very sweet orbs to remember her by.

Nastasy Back By the Fireplace

Nastasy sure likes the warmth by my fireplace. That¡¦s the first place she heads for. I¡¦m sure most of you remember this lady¡¦s gorgeous and very ample breasts. They are amazing. But that¡¦s for later viewing. Right now she wants you to see her outfit. Nastasy poses for awhile in her cranberry outfit until she lowers her top and loosens a couple of snaps and, wow, all is in sight. Are those orbs not stunning? I¡¦m sure you also noticed that amazing derriere. All in all, I¡¦m sure you¡¦ll agree that this lady is a sight to behold.

Hillary Graces My Garden

Once again, my friend, Hillary will be lighting up my garden. Red dresses work very well to do that, especially when complimented by her jet black hair. As is her style, she loves to exhibit her gorgeous legs. But eventually something nicer happens ¡V she begins to shed that red dress and display her red lingerie. Pretty soon that strapless bra goes away and Hillary shows you her spectacular breasts with those fine protruding nipples. Is she not a work of art in my garden?

Vanessa in My Living Room

Once more the lovely Vanessa has joined us. Like all good models, Vanessa is tall and lean and very appealing to the eyes. She is wearing a conservative skirt and top touched off with nice pearls. But conservative is about to end. After some posing and showing off her legs, Vanessa sheds her outfit and displays her sweet body in lingerie. Now it is time to remove the bra and quickly followed by her panties. Vanessa finishes her posing in a slow rotation allowing excellent views. Wouldn¡¦t you say Vanessa would be a fine decoration for any room?

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Set 815 on 14th June 2021 Set 814 on 07th June 2021 Set 813 on 31th May 2021 Set 812 on 24th May 2021
A New Blossom in My Garden

That new blossom is Vendula, a gorgeous new lady. Dressed in a black mesh mini dress, she immediately draws your attention. Vendula runs through a fine series of poses, displaying her fine body for your enjoyment. Then the mini goes away, followed by her bra, leaving totally outstanding breasts to feast your eyes on. The lady has it all - beautiful face, long blonde hair, fantastic legs and a fine body. Now it is time to shed those pretty panties and a new series of poses begins. Wouldn¡¦t you love to be in my garden as Vendula does her posing? I think you¡¦d love it!!

Class Always Wins Out

Lady Alexi is a the prime example of those words. Here she appears in a stunning white knit outfit including lingerie and jewelry. Fittingly, she is backed by a totally white wall. You should note those fine stems under that gown that she shows off so well. Eventually the gown goes away and she shows her twelve strap girdle and delightful bra, under which rest two deliciously gorgeous pierced orbs. I¡¦m sure by now you have noticed the absence of panties but that only lends to the class of this beautiful woman. Enjoy this classic view!

Amanda¡¦s Return

Amanda has returned for a second visit, this time to my newly done apartment. She is again comfortably seated on the closet sideboard. Amanda prides herself on her excellent posing which she will show you. Even though she is very precise in her poses, Amanda does have time to loosen her top and display, among her poses, her rather spectacular breasts, nicely rounded with delicious looking nipples. Notice the hearty smiles ¡V she knows you appreciate her!

Laura Returns to the Red Room

The lady must enjoy my red room. Is she interested? Maybe she enjoys my ¡¥tools¡¦. Laura is showing us how she looks in that black outfit. Notice the tasteful jewelry, definitely not over-done. But eventually it goes away and we are left with, not only the absence of panties almost immediately, but also two so beautifully formed orbs. This is a picture of beauty. Notice those long, shapely legs plus the hour glass figure, such fine hips. Anyone interested in joining Laura in the red room? She could surprise you!!!

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Set 811 on 17th May 2021 Set 810 on 10th May 2021 Set 809 on 03th May 2021 Set 808 on 26th April 2021
Lorna Blue At My Bar

I¡¦ll bet you¡¦d love to be at my bar tonight. Lorna Blue is here and she is beginning her routine in a minimum of clothing ¡V lingerie only. She is interested in showing off that fantastic body and no holds are barred. Black straps are everywhere and I think they will be going away soon. Look how many straps are holding up her sweet and massive breasts. When those pierced orbs are loose, you can see how great they are. All of a sudden, the panties are gone and a magnificent, jeweled pussy is in sight. Now the posing gets hot ¡V all is on display and she is enjoying showing that sweet pussy. Now, would you like to be here??

Monique, A Study in White

The room is darkened but light fall upon beauty. That beauty belongs to Monique who is dressed entirely in white. You all know what is under that coat. After awhile she sheds it and displays herself in a gorgeous white bustier. And you also know what¡¦s under it but that is for your imagination today. You should notice the lady¡¦s beautiful legs, such graceful curves. Monique teases you further by lowering the top of the bustier just a bit. You can tell from all the different positions she uses what is under the bustier. Today is for mystery. She wants you to visualize all she has to offer. As a thought, after all this, wouldn¡¦t you love to kiss those magnificent, full lips?

Cold Angel at the Sideboard

Cold Angel looks spectacular in that coat. What an appealing vision ¡V but it has to go. Another outfit under it has to go also. So, after great teasing, we are down to lingerie. What a body this lady has but let¡¦s see more. Just look at those legs. . .and that profile. Those orbs are pushing to be free. Cold Angel knows that and unleashes them. Are those breasts not gorgeous? Now the posing is truly exciting Commit those breasts, those legs and those heels to memory. This lady truly excites the body and soul. Enjoy her beauty!!

The Mystery is Revealed

A woman in black always hints at mystery. Angelina intends to clarity that mystery. As the clothing is removed, so also is the mystery. Slowly the blouse goes away followed by a soft bra, displaying her tantalizing breasts and nipples. Angelina never misses an opportunity to show her legs before allowing the skirt to drop to the floor. The mystery becomes clear with the vision of her delicate, bejeweled panties. But they also go away. No more mystery ¡V all of Angelina is now perfectly and beautifully clear for all to see and thoroughly enjoy.

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Set 807 on 19th April 2021 Set 806 on 12th April 2021 Set 805 on 05th April 2021 Set 804 on 29th March 2021
Alexia in the Kitchen

Here¡¦s a clever change of pace. Alexia is already down to minimum clothing but she is so beautiful to watch that her actions are the show. She is back in the kitchen and heating things up as usual. She is allowing the heat to come up by showing the many gorgeous part of her body before uncovering them ¡V just teasing a bit. See that beautiful face, notice how she drops the bra top just enough to show a bit of nipple area. It¡¦s time for those globes to appear and for the panties to hit the floor. So the final view has the bustier down at the waste, the legs in full view and a fine shot of a sweet derriere. You must agree Alexia is truly beautiful.

Marisa is Nicely Relaxing

Marisa is relaxing in the garden before exciting you. Notice how she wants you to notice those beautiful legs. Then the excitement begins as she lowers her dress top displaying two outstanding breasts. Now she drops the dress but the sweater stays on ¡V no matter, panties, nylons and heels can¡¦t be beaten. Then comes the display of a very well rounded, proportional butt area ¡V Truly fine. You almost have the whole picture. Is she not a totally beautiful woman? But the excitement continues as she removes her panties, the final pleasure. Now you have a gorgeous lady and you have to go far to surpass her ¡V just sheer beauty

Nina in My Garden

What a pleasure it is to welcome Nina back ¡V it has been awhile. As usual, the lady loves to pose and shows herself very well. That black mini, those platform heels and black nylons truly enhance her. Notice the jewelry plus those fine legs. After some posing, that gold belt comes off and the mini is pulled over her head. Now the gorgeous lady is in her element. What could be better than a lady in a black bra, garter belt, panties and nylons? It gets much better as the bra is removed. Nina displays her outstanding orbs for your viewing pleasure. As she poses, notice those erect nipples. The lady has it all and shows it very well.

Denise, a Vision of Sensuality

Dressed in a sensuous, black transparent gown, Denise grabs your attention immediately. What is to come? That gown leaves nothing to the imagination but it gets better as Denise re-arranges the gown. It doesn¡¦t have to come off as the lady positions her body for the best views. Watch as the gown rises ¡V see those beautiful legs first and a bit higher, she shows off her gorgeous pussy Those legs will stay open for some time. Then note the roundness of her sweet derriere as she turns from the camera. Denise is truly a vision of sensuality as she continues to display her body ¡V a pleasure, I¡¦m sure.

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Set 803 on 22th March 2021 Set 802 on 15th March 2021 Set 801 on 08th March 2021 Set 800 on 01th March 2021
Return Engagement in the Winter Garden

The red one has returned, in red blouse and black underneath. Doesn¡¦t that red hair excite you? Bet the rest of her will. Part of that appears as she sheds the blouse and bra quickly, exposing her gorgeous orbs, one of which is nicely jeweled, then a fine view of her well rounded derrière. Finally, she lowers her panties, showing off her pretty pussy. A lady in only a garter belt, nylon and heels is hard to beat. The red one proves that. As you can see, she is very comfortable for quite some time and fully warms up my winter garden.

Natalia¡¦s Stage

Natalia puts my guest house stairway to good use. It¡¦s great for showing off her legs . . and other things. Red mini, white heels and, of course, her pearls ¡V what a sight. But it gets better as Natalie sheds the dress, showing her white lingerie. Remember those huge areolae? Here they are again as she loses the bra and presents those fine breasts. Playing with those pearls sure highlights them. But there¡¦s more. Panties? They are no longer needed. Now the picture is complete. Her stage worked well ¡V I know you will be looking for her next act.

Izzy White by the Fireplace

Tattoo-ed and bejeweled, in a white net mini and wearing outrageous heels, Izzy has returned. Remember she is a poser and gets right to it. As you see, she loves to show her legs but soon the mini goes away and the red comes out. After posing some more, the red bra comes off and displays Izzy¡¦s spectacular breasts ¡V with jeweled nipples. Then after a bit of a stretch, those panties also go away. That white rug is now a fine place to show off. Now is time for Izzy to show off that small, but magnificent body. Just look at those legs, that waist. She doesn¡¦t need a fireplace, she is hot already.

Fantasy Lights Up My Living Room

Here is your fantasy, sitting in my living room. Fantasy is a tall, slender lady with a gorgeous figure and face. Of course, we know that grey outfit will not last long. With just a quick untie, the top comes down revealing a red bustier that also disappears quickly. While showing off that body, Fantasy drops her panties displaying her jeweled, delicious pussy. Those are not the only jewels Fantasy has. As the top of the bustier is lowered, you will be jarred by the shape of her magnificent breasts and the jeweled nipples. Notice also the ornate tattoos. How would you enjoy Fantasy lighting up your living room as she did mine?

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Set 799 on 22th February 2021 Set 798 on 15th February 2021 Set 797 on 08th February 2021 Set 796 on 01th February 2021
Anna, Framed!

The beautiful Anna is well placed in that doorway. This uninhibited young lady is about the jar you. After a lot of posing, the white top leaves. Now in a sweet bustier, Anna casually lowers the top revealing absolutely outstanding globes of pleasure. But more is to come as she lowers the panties exposing her pride and joy, her beautiful, anxious pussy. And finally, with legs spread, you can tell how proud Anna is to show herself off. I know you can¡¦t wait for her return.

X-trem Girl With a Surprise

X-trem Girl appears to enjoy vinyl. With her dark hair, the red outfit and red heels certain draw your attention. After awhile, the zipper on the top comes down and displays her outstanding globes complete with pierced, upright nipples. After spending some time showing off her breasts, she then shoes those fine legs. The lady shows off some more before lowering the skirt. Now she is wearing nothing under her outfit except her red garter belt, nylons and heels. What a pleasant surprise and what a fine, well cared for pussy. This lady can sure excite you with that body, those breasts and that sweet pussy.

Cold Angel in My Living Room

And there she sits, busting out of the sweet mini dress. As usual, Cold Angel present a fine appearance. The stripes on the mini sure accentuate her curves. After a bit, that dress comes off leaving her busting out of her bra now. Do I see a run in her stocking? The lady seems pre-occupied with that run but she takes a bit of time to shed that bra ¡V you were waiting for that! Aren¡¦t those globes totally astonishing ¡V so beautiful. But the run has to be taken care of. She attacks the run but keeps those boobs in view. I think you¡¦ll be glad of that.

Lady Absinthe in My Winter Garden

My friend, Lady Absinthe certainly looks bewitching in her black mini ¡V always in black. Check the black platform heels and those straps. Goodies are coming. After considerable posing, that mini goes away and the fun begins. As you can see, the lady is well put together. Well, the panties are the first to go away and she poses some more. Adding to the pleasure Lady Absinthe drops the top of her bustier and displays breasts that are to die for ¡V how gorgeous. Finally, she stands and shows her delicious body. Would you enjoy some time in my garden if she were there?

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Set 795 on 25th January 2021 Set 794 on 18th January 2021 Set 793 on 11th January 2021 Set 792 on 04th January 2021
The Conservative Maryfary

White mini suit, white heels and pearls, what could be more conservative ¡V but not for long? After some fine posing, ¡¥conservative¡¦ begins to go away. The view of the garter straps begins the change. She opens the jacket, showing her white bustier and the show begins as the skirt also vanishes. As that sweet derriere appears, you can tell there are no panties ¡V mmm. Without hesitation, Mayfary begins to lower her top and displays her gorgeous breasts and sweet nipples. Then she rests on the credenza and allows you to soak up her beauty. ¡¥Conservative¡¦ has gone away!

Amber in the Red Room

Is the lady up to her old tricks? Is that yellow robe meant to draw your attention to what¡¦s underneath? Absolutely no doubt! What is under the robe is breathe-taking as you will see. Let¡¦s see! The lovely lady is in black now. When you have a super body, you need to show it off. Amber has shown her legs and now it¡¦s time for the rest. Check out those breasts ¡V are they now gorgeous, and she shows them so well. Next comes the panties. What more can you ask for ¡V fine hair, gorgeous face and lips, gorgeous tits, succulent pussy, beautiful legs and such a well rounded rear end. I¡¦m sure you agree that Amber is a stunner. Watch for her return.

Nicely Wrapped in Vinyl

What an interesting outfit. And Lucia fills it well, at least for awhile. She is well rested in that chair but it will change. Nice posing before she unzips and presents a very sexy shelf bra holding carefully her succulent breasts and erect nipples. Things get better as Lucia slowly removes the vinyl skirt. What is she unhooking? They are the delicate hold ups for her black nylons. Once they are unhooked, Lucia shed the garter belt and she almost has you. With a quick flip, she loses the bra and stands before you , a totally naked goddess in black nylons and red heels. Can anything be better?

Finally, She¡¦s Back

That¡¦s Ines, of course. Get ready for great poses and her fabulous facial expressions ¡V she¡¦s a delight to see. Ines is a study in black today as you¡¦ll notice as items of clothing go away. After some more posing, that jacket goes away and her bra is visible for a bit but the skirt must go first. Notice how often she is smiling. She knows you¡¦re going to love what's coming. Does she not look inviting in her black lingerie? Let¡¦s get rid of the bra. WOW! Notice how proud she is of her sweet breasts. I know you can¡¦t wait for her next visit, soon I think.

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